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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 30 Temmuz 2014, Çarşamba 12:17

National Defense Minister Ismet Yilmaz:

National Defense Minister Ismet Yilmaz:
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National Defense Minister Ismet Yilmaz, safety related operations conducted in parallel structure is a process contrary to law before the court within a certain period of their future , he said.

Sivas news: National Defense Minister Ismet Yilmaz, safety carried out in parallel structures, operations related to an unlawful procedure , if any, particular in a process before the court said it would come .
Yesterday evening by road from Erzincan, Sivas, the National Defense Minister Ismet Yilmaz, in a hotel in the city met with provincial protocol . Yilmaz, breakfast on the agenda of the program and then answered questions from journalists . A journalist's safety-oriented operations on the question Yilmaz, \"Everyone made ​​about the action thinking the same thing work contrary to the nature . These operations was the victim of those who think differently , this operation should be done Those who say that will react differently . Rather operation , why was the subject What is the purpose ? Here claims the following today, the newspaper also had a'myth elements resting'he says. a man myth of the elements listen here if a counter-intelligence spying suspected and investigations are done . herein alleged is? you the country's Prime Minister , Foreign Minister're listening to . getting up also ,'the Prime Minister of rest , \"he have ? Word said do you have ?'Foreign Minister of rest'he no one is there ?'Ministry of Foreign Affairs Deputy Chief of Staff , Secretary of State , Secretary of State and Undersecretary of the MIT also is included and all publicly announced a conversation was deciphered as'do you have ? these thingsaccording to the law ? These state should remain secret intelligence organization , and most of those who decipher meetings do not need to undergoa legal process ? Here we assess the scope of these events are those made today . We believe in our judiciary . Hopefully, in the process will be the right decision , \"he said .
Police say that members of the victims reminded that they Yilmaz,\"It is true , it is true that they may claim . The majority of folks need to look at . The majority of folks say what? But of course victimization mostly unpredictable. Need to look at what has been done up to now , they have to look at what he done to them until you need to look . Turkey's democratic standards in the treatment of suspects accused in the increasingly rising to the next level . I complained about this , but here you see that decreasing a person is taken into custody , it comes from Hakkari to appeal t . This appeal on television , newspapers comes from the MPs coming. So all the injustice done or such victims claim to be the same reaction without slides , then we see that the first in Turkey, a general practice right you have a complaint , but you say,'we do with this vineyard have no', then at a tiny spines so let's pin when immersed in now that you've been there so here is a way that made ​​them uncomfortable treated the same feeling like you made ​​the supply of figuring are there yourself . I see folks in it , \"he said .
some policemen arrest , some police officers also evaluating the release Yilmaz \"That is the law . So surely there is a file in hand . According to the contents of that file whose principal perpetrator , the perpetrator who fer , who's more active , the contents of the file whose help do we know ? No we do not. Therefore, the release of all those, who says that we must suppose either that all of them should be arrested , but it is not law . Looks Law . The gravity of the gravity of the important events in an event against the state of Turkey is seen as a counter-intelligence work and evaluated. Prime Minister listen wherever minister relax anywhere and MIT Undersecretary of the elements of the rest of the places and their operations are doing in places you against an espionage network in favor of the study claim that you please do not so easy does not appear , \"he said .
Minister Yilmaz,'Operation continuation of the future? \"As for the question , \"contrary to the law in a certain process each transaction will be brought to justice to do \"was the answer .

National Defense Minister Ismet Yilmaz:" comments for.


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