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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 10:35

National Will 47 Years Old

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Journal of the National Will broadcasting in Eskişehir , is celebrating its 47th year of establishment .

Eskişehir news: Photo November 11, 1968 broadcast year in the life led by Ethem Khan saying hello Newspaper National Will , a period approaching half a century serving the people of Eskisehir . The Editorial Newspaper Manager Ramazan Khan, no corporate power up the field , and today its readers , the organization's or person's backyard with no National Will the city during the broadcast as a family and watching the interests of the residents of Eskişehir and said they pride in compromising on these lines. As yesterday, today, and then correct with the support of readers unbiased and save principled they will continue to broadcast Khan, \"National Will the 47'c our number of publications reaches entering 14511 on our anniversary we live you are excited and proud to reach . Our history based on half a century in Turkey we strengthen further our position among the local media's leading newspapers. difficulty of the extraction newspaper in Anatolia , we do not want to talk about it again-again. our goal despite known of these difficulties, since the day he first came to publishing life under the same roof ever interrupting the Shaft Will searching, and still no giving is to ensure that it continues to be the voice of Eskisehir. the late Ethem Khan's publications began his career under the leadership of November 11, 1968 from today to National Will anyone the right to enter the commands , principled, and unbiased reporting policy has continued until today. to be faithful to the neutrality principle decreased by a period intrinsic to stretch the chest and stretch our sincere tarafsızız can say. I can say wholeheartedly to anyone now that 47 years have not done in süregeliş flattery . We will then do not. Remove local newspaper for a long time and also broadcast his life in Anatolia as 47 years without a successful resume and parties are a great sacrifice . At this point, we have reached the end of the dedication , which supports this process with us and trust our dear readers at the end of the year 47'c right \"Pride \"is the point . After the publication of our lives in the year you stated that we would be more nice addition to our dear readers , I hope we meet together to offer love and respect , \"he said

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