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SON Dakika

  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 11:14

Natural gas output from the study Cemetery

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1 for natural gas wells drilled in the region in Adana regulator 2 skull and bones were found burned .

Adana news: Photo by information obtained, in the event center in Tepebag İnönü Park neighborhood depends on the Seyhan district occurred . Allegedly, to place the gas regulator into the region yesterday İnönü Park officials opened the wells with natural gas business machines. Today morning the master came second mold to turn around the wells began working with concrete . Mehmet Manger master mold (48 ) while cleaning mold in the well for lighter skull and jaw bones found . Immediately called the police on this. From the scene, police took the jawbone and other bones found 1's examination of the skull and 2 burnt soil. Mangu , said they found the bones while working .
\" deceased female was also provided \"Photo Meanwhile, the surround is also now well inquisitive citizens who is working in the well of the police. Citizens are immediately removed from the wells and off of mobile phones while on the one hand a hand image with the camera began to examine the jaw and teeth . Look to a citizen's teeth \"said the deceased's teeth strong \", he laugh to everyone. Turn around with the Photo Police asked citizens to remove the security strip wells . However, he did not want to get away from a kind of curious citizens . Citizens who do not want to get away from the police , \"Friends , we're ashamed to say you do not look ashamed of what you have here , how much fancier \"warned saying . Police curious citizens has expanded its security strip around the uzaklaştıramayın as well . Photo INONU PARK ARMENIAN UymUş CEMETERY where a Photo tomb is located 100-150 years ago that the Armenian cemetery but then he canceled the city grows cemetery and the area it was learned that into İnönü Park. Authorities launched an investigation now taking samples taken from the grave to the Ankara Police Criminal Laboratory. In the study , the outcome is precisely what the bones and skulls .

Natural gas output from the study Cemetery" comments for.


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