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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 13:11

Nazilli'Turkism and the Turks in the Middle East'Subject Discussed

Nazilli'Turkism and the Turks in the Middle East'Subject Discussed
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Turkists May'3 Day'Nazilli due by January Turks \"Turkism and the Turks in the Middle East \"conference was held .

Aydın news: Turkists May'3 Day'Nazilli due by January Turks \"Turkism and the Turks in the Middle East \"conference was held .
Nazilli Municipal Cultural Center Mehmet ring as a speaker at the conference held at the Theatre Hall of nationalist opinion leaders attended a special place Erzurumlu tireless stop . Stop the'Pan-Turkism and the Middle East the Turks'conference Deputy Mayor Zia Aksüt , MHP District Chairman Kursad Engine Ozcan, Turkish-Education-Sen Chairman Mature Ergun, Erzurum Association President Hussein Akkus , Turquoise Women's Association President Fatma Ergun well as teens and citizens attended . Presenter Ibrahim Ugur Guler his conference tireless Stop's own history, after reading the Turkish Hearths how and why describing the establishment of the history video show was presented .
Tireless Stop , 1915 events on in his speech ; \"Unfortunately remarks copied truth is stored . Erzurum neighborhood laws paying attention to the Armenians living in Armenia with a dream by instigating revolt , the Russians, Erzurum, Van, Trabzon a lot like prefecture unimaginable torture massacres have done . A maintenance Armenian Russian alliance and the Muslim people in the persecution of their mutual mükatele in order to prevent the relocation as a remedy has been considered. this historical fact ignoring the west for subservience Armenians oppressed and the victims indicating statement is not true . past these sufferings still in his heart that retain all these statements üzmüştür . Armenia, the Armenian diaspora and Armenia president's recent attitude of the Armenians , great Armenian dream of giving up their , even Dashnak -PKK alliance , both logistics, and actual support they are understood . this historical fact nobody ignore you can afford . Turkish nation's future nationalist Thought bearing young people will rise so idealistic should read a lot of youth , for example , the model said that people should be . Our young people should read a book a day at least half an hour . But that enlightened youth can grow , \"he said .
\" Nationalists are TRUE MUSLIMS \"
today the name of fighting the war , indicating that knowledge and wisdom Duran, \"For us, politics is the rule of the Turkish nation . Idealism , innovation refers to obsolescence . I believe that understanding and unity and our responsibility will be re-established . Forty years that we test our nation's countenance with a strong will triumph , \"he said .
Conference at the end of the meaning and importance of stating his speech Deputy Mayor Zia Aksüt , speakers tireless Stop flowers and a plaque with a variety of local products was a gift. < Br/>

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