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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ocak 2014, Cumartesi 11:27

Necati Cumalı was Mentioned in Urla

Necati Cumalı was Mentioned in Urla
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Necati Cumalı 13th year of death in the country, which was commemorated with a ceremony in Urla.

İzmir news: Necati Cumalı 13th year of death in the country, which was commemorated with a ceremony in Urla.
our literature major author Necati Cumalı death 13th year of the Urla Municipality Ataturk Cultural Center, the event was littered with.
ceremony Urla Mayor Selçuk Karaosmanoğlu notably, many art lovers and writers joined.
Urla Municipality to regulate 13'ncü"XIII. Cumalı Meeting"of the author's childhood and teenage years in the house now and homage began with the National Anthem. Author's restored memories and cultural and business as a drop in his garden speech, President Selçuk Karaosmanoğlu, poetry, theater, novels articles to a wide range of literature in every branch works that Cumalii is driven to expressed that future generations of this important names to promote their work said they would continue.
"city of art and culture worthy of Urla generating projects, art and artists are trying to get our own,"he Karaosmanoğlu ' After the speech of the personal belongings of the house where recruiting is Cumalı, flowers were left on the desk. Then lovers Urla Municipality through the Atatürk Cultural Center, Necati Cumalı takes issue with the true story that took place in Urla and Soil Stage Theatre staged"Embed"watched the game.
great interest to viewers who live a pleasant time of the game and then held under the leadership of Ataturk Thought Association in Urla poetry reading contest was held. Native language and poetry to instill a love, to Turkish disown improve awareness on behalf of the competition held then Cumalı meeting the first day's events ended.
Remembrance events January 13, Monday Urla Municipality will continue with a panel at the Ataturk Cultural Center. At 13:00 Sina Akyol Poet, Author and Professor Hasan Domes. Dr.. Hülya's Speech"in our literature Necati Cumalı"will begin with the panel named. Cumalı meeting, at 14.30, theater artist Fikret Hakan Masters and Asst. Dom. Ragıp Tarancı"Necati Cumalı and Cinema"will continue with offline interview.
Memorial event held each year for the first time this year,"Necati Cumalı Literary Awards"was held. This year the poem branch organized and met with great interest in the competition to be awarded Honorary Aykil and a special jury award eligible Fikret Hakan, Urla Municipality Ataturk Cultural Center, at 15.30 which will be held cocktail and ceremony will receive their rewards.

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