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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 11:23

Necla Çankaya, Opens Exhibition in Gaziantep

Necla Çankaya, Opens Exhibition in Gaziantep
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Painter Necla Çankaya , Sanko personal painting exhibition opened at the Art Gallery , will welcome visitors until 21 November.

Gaziantep news: Photo Sanko Park shopping center on the third floor built Sanko Art Gallery on 31 October, an exhibition, seeing great interest from art lovers. Photo is trying a different technique , indicating that the benefit is affected by the Far Eastern culture Çankaya, exhibition Gaziantep where the 33 work'said he was happy to open t . Photo NECLA ÇANKAYA WHO? Photo Manisa, Salihli in 1959. born Çankaya, between 1977-1980 after Manisa Teacher High School Dokuz Eylül University No Buca Faculty of Education in Business Education department has completed higher education , he studied in Cavite hawk Workshop. Different schools between the years 1981-2006 who served in Balıkesir Çankaya, the Australians in 1985, Prof. Josef Tichy'n the \"Applied Arts Engraving \"participated in the seminar. In 1994, Anadolu University Open Education Faculty Degree Completion Program for graduates Çankaya, he retired from the teaching profession in 2006 . Photo Çankaya, different techniques and themes in the work of the Eighth Color Art Studio founded in Balıkesir in 2001 , rendering, at the same time different age was an instructor for art lovers in the group. Since 2007 the Photo study original wax batik concentrating on Çankaya, the temperature of these techniques , the color of the plastic value , texture, enriched by combining stains layout waxed shipwreck . Photo is a member of the International Association of Plastic Arts , today up to 9 individual 15 who participated in group exhibitions Necla Çankaya , it's a work in private collections.


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