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  • 25 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 10:34

Neco's story 50 years in the Open Air Theatre shared with friends

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Neco Avea with the 50th anniversary of artistic life in outdoors activities Stars celebrated in .

İstanbul news:
ICC held with organizations Necou friends at night alone. Ayse Özyılmazel'in meticulously prepared under the coordination of a huge orchestra on the stage last night was Neco'yl . Garou Mafia-run orchestra Atilla Özdemiroğlu scene was .
BEATLES < strong> NÜKHET situation Kenan Doğulu , EMRE ALTUG < strong> LEAN aND Özyılmazel and Zeynep Ayse Özyılmazel'in was the stage
\"New York, New York \"to appear on stage with a piece of Neco sweet memories of 50 years with a special repertoire and was transferred to the audience . If the scene was left alone for a moment . The first guest artist on stage \"I'm Katsai me \"part was the Zeynep Özyılmazel'in . Then Emre Altug and \"Tears in the picture \"and \"O board though I wish \"I sang.
Superstar Ajda Pekkan this special night was among the names Neco leave alone . \"Every age There's a Beauty \"on the stage as a solo voice coke then \"Can not Take My Eyes Of You \"part with Neco said. Applause for the concert has never ceased .
Night is one of the most special moments of the veterans take the stage was the name Khalid Kıvanç . Kivanc, \"No , why this man Neco say harness ? Nejat Özyılmazel'in ... And one more thing tonight for organizing large fingers had , without saying not pass , the beautiful CiCi two girls. Someone less've seen it before . Small in the newspapers you are reading . Claus on this special night have created , every celebration every 50th year is very different from a Neco this Neco . Nejat Özyılmazel'in years ago in Istanbul Development Orchestra I'ma takdimcilik from the presenter going to the way we met. Since then, he's my music taste of my general manager was . How beautiful can speak Turkish Do you know ? , I know ... for years, music contests will be run, they come they will say ,'You said it going to be ? of this going to be like ?'he look what days arrived . Neco 50 years our friendship , our friendship has its presenter began as this works , then the presenter from the server've been , as you know . , I said I would like the whole world her'in Turkey you your music , western music, the beauty of further beautifies .'at every age young Neco applaud him \"after the scene Ayse Özyılmazel'in left.
Concert in the second half famous names continued to hospitality scene . The creators of Night at Ayse Özyılmazel to accompany his father was in the second half . The new clips are suffering \"Behold \"and \"Pam Pam \"s along said bilateral Harbiye Open Air Theater of excited.
\"So Drunk Going Ki \"and \"the street on the street \"tracks Yalın'l sang Neco then Kenan Doğulu with was in the works . \"Let It Be \"and \"Unforgettable\"a memorable performance duo sang along parts were showered with applause .
Stage Stop Nükhet Neco was the last guest . Neco based on years of friendship and Nükhet Duru songs and ended the night with sweet talk . Neco Nükhet Duru and the \"I'm the highlight for you \", \"Luxury Life \", \"Alone \", \"Single Worshipers \", \"not worth crying \"sang parts . End of the night the audience for minutes Neco 50 years this special celebration with a standing ovation made ​​.
Music and memories blended with this special celebration at the Neco left alone valued among the names Khalid Kivanc, Hıncal Uluç Olcayto Ahmet Tugsuz Fulya term , Emre Southwind Ayşe Tolga, Silk Durkal , Gülenay Shield, Isra and Ceylan Saner had a smile .

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