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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 06 Eylül 2013, Cuma 21:20

Nese Gundogan:Istanbul by IOC members will write history

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Turkey's National Olympic Committee (NOC) Secretary General Nese Gundogan, 2020 in Istanbul to give IOC members will write on the case, he said.

Bounes Aires, Argentina, in a special statement Cihan reporter Gundogan, is equal to the chance of every city, in the sense that the idea of ​​staying with the finals in Japan, said:"I must say that all the country behind it. President, Prime Minister, for all our people, our youth, athletes, business world, universities. everyone I know, when it comes to the Olympic Games in our country is an amazing development, progress, and most important of all Turkish sports create a splash."she said.

Olympic games, everyone knew about the gains to be obtained in the case of Istanbul, indicating Gundogan, said:

"I think everyone knows that. IOC delegation and the members of the 2020 Istanbul 'When a country to write a history. because for the first time in our country for the first time will be given to the Muslim world and the Olympics for the first time in this region. they will write history. Turkey, no hand, have a young population, with other cities. Dynamics, facing the future with hope and embody the sport, the more generations will grow up in a healthy way towards getting an Olympics.

at the race track in Tokyo and Madrid's all the same place. Ultimately everyone see each other for three runs in the same area in the city. Who is doing what, what you are, whom doing interviews. Everybody gather information in their field, trying to figure out which is more prone to whom members. This is so everyone has their own struggle, but we all play the same pitch.

the finals with Japan, as well as the desire to have everyone there. From the perspective of Tours, this is not an incorrect assessment. Madrid is known to go where the votes are eliminated with Japan for his final request, a good evaluation."


In the meantime, members of the press in Argentina in the 2020 Olympic Games in Istanbul Turkey to evaluated the chances of administration. The general opinion is equal to plus or minus chances.

Turkey Sports Writers Association Chairman Naci Arkan,"there is a great rivalry. Hotel rooms, lobbies roadside everyone. Working behind the scenes there are people in the cities working in their favor. Chances are completely equally, no one says a step ahead of you. Everybody says we're alone."he said:

"is not ahead of other cities competing for the city. threshold of fifty percent of the first round, do not pass the first round. luck, good, there is a great activity. çekişiyoruz the Japanese. Japanese people have flocked to Tokyo. İstanbul working hard for the Turkish delegation. Turkish press in the country is striving to bring this beauty. 30-35 per cent see it as our luck. last two you can tell others the Japanese. Madrid votes to When we go to Madrid very specific ratio. Japan and the Japanese we go we stay. But contention is not that easy to look at the work."


Milliyet newspaper, Sports Director Tayfun In a statement on the flourishing always welcome in Istanbul in 2020,"as the author of Sport I've been waiting and waiting it all the time in the process 5. This is the fifth nomination and I came in five. since the Olympics in Atlanta in 1996, the mayor of that period, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan 'la talked about this. then general manager, Mr. Mehmet Atalay sports direkötürüydü metropolitan municipality. karamsarlardı that time. fact, during that time, Mr. Erdogan expressed that the process is difficult, and said to be worked on."he spoke as follows:

"Now, Mr. Erdogan gave a huge boost to the Prime Minister and. Hopefully we get the value of this support. would like to see an Olympic country as a sports writer. organizations out there to go to another country I do not want to watch . always had in my head who:we do not want to say better than that of yaparızı. Yapalım may see. Turks, how do they do this work, so they can see. we do best. too assertive. well we organize, we do a good host and very good athletes, subtract that time.

doing 88 Seoul, Sydney 2000, doing, doing in Athens in 2004, we can very easily in Istanbul. 7 years, we subtract out the athletes is very important. ürkmüyorum to this topic. My only caveat here competing with the two major opponents. Tomorrow elimination in the first round here unfortunately, are seen as the most likely city.

our pleasure missed some of our recent events in Syria. leak in Japan enjoy a bit of truth in Tokyo missed. Madrid came out a little break. always bring language. We support the members of a Muslim a Muslim country, but the Muslim members, are drawn. Whereas rates of 6 Muslim country has a very critical one. Their favorite spot at least three can come back if returned to us. But I can not get any . Sadly these votes are going to Spain. This is very clear. Our team knows that."

Istanbul is a Muslim country does not receive any of the next 40-year period indicating the flourishing city of the Olympics do not thinking,"This is a very important chance for the Muslim countries. Değerlendiremiyorlar But now they have this chance. Hopefully we get them without a vote , how does a Muslim country, how it performs in the world show other Muslim countries."Additional sööyledi saying:

"Turkey has a leadership quality. feature and realize that leadership. had serious events inside. Attractions Parks was in search of the events expressed in a democratic right. IOC members all agreed to this. Doping There are difficulties on. This is also a good doping control yapdığımız told to emerge.

I'll tell you the most important point is this:the last 15 days, and Turkey does not want to anticipate the events in Syria and the region's emerging sıcaklaşması, Unfortunately, the possibility of war affected us. Whoever says the combat zone is risky for everyone. past we've been through this. Hopefully now we are talking here on the way up the herald of the event, Mr. Prime Minister at the G20 summit comes the possibility of war, and we won here in the city as a sports writer I speak with great pleasure."


Cumhuriyet newspaper Fitness Manager and TSYD I Istanbul Branch President Arif living in the moment and the moment of the decision of the fate of Kızılyalın said,"in the words of Hasan Arat Istanbul write history. going to host the Olympics for the first time in a Muslim country. held in a game for the first time in both Europe and Asia."he said:

"Istanbul, ancient Rome, Byzantium, so a lot of migration of peoples culture barınırıyor East Rome. Ottoman Empire, the territory of the host countries such as the Republic of Turkey geography., but we have a kind of sports culture oturtamadık. yansıtamadık here. Hasan Arat bilingual young athletes as well as athletes brought us here. aging world, Turkey is getting younger message. Younger people want Olympiad is image. do not have an advantage more than that.

historical past, they will have the desire. Building installation IOC does not look it. Madrid and Tokyo are already in the building and property. we can go forward voluntarily and extreme sportsman spirit. Finale, if we'll take the final as well. But I fail to pass the first round of the finals, there's inability situation. Betting sites we looked at, in Istanbul 3. Finale if we come to Japan. Catholic countries supports Madrid, there is also a historical and cultural ties. Africa, there are some countries in the Far East. Tokyo, there is a shortage of nuclear. us, Syria, Egypt sıkıntımıza alike."

Nese Gundogan:Istanbul by IOC members will write history" comments for.


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