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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 09:38

Neşet Ertaş relatives , Onyx Stone Management is doing

Neşet Ertaş relatives , Onyx Stone Management is doing
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Abdal tradition , and from the relatives of the deceased bozlak two brothers onyx processing Neset Ertas master is doing .

Kırşehir news: Father's profession holds the virtues and Dincer Ertekin , once 60 passing , but in recent years imports numbers to two falling onyx stone processing professional in the home they open workshop continued to earn money working.
Erdem Ertekin said in a statement , çalgıcılık profession more interested in seeing with the father's years ago onyx stone processing were directed towards his brother with the father learned from this profession in their homes as they open workshop tried to maintain said.
Ertekin , \"father's profession, with onyx stone processing about 20 years, are continuing . at the same time Neşet Ertaş akrabalarıyız . same abdal tribes are in . our grandparents used çalgıcılıkl the agonizing abdal continues the tradition they're . dad , now this profession livelihood would not be thought and a more comfortable life in order to maintain stone profession you have chosen . Abdal tradition sürdüremesek also listening to this culture to continue working . Bozlak folk songs onyx stone by manipulating our profession are continuing today with're having \"he said.
60 oNYX BUSINESS from the second number of enterprises was subtracted
Kýrþehir Chamber of Commerce President Selahattin Ekicioğl the two young extinct holding the onyx stone processing to keep alive the work is admirable , he said .
about 20 years ago Kirşehir the onyx stone number of enterprises found 60 , but in recent years this sector imports by increasing the number to 2 fall , these two young people in their homes as they open workshop profession to pursue the endeavor they said . < br/> TSO President of Selehattin Ekicioğl , \"the profession on the brink of extinction in Kirşehir one of the onyx stone processing . Onyx stone in the manufacture of this business about 20 years ago while 60 units currently fall into one of two reasons , the weakening of mines abroad is an increase in imports of processed stone . Pakistan, China, India and other countries onyx stone products processed in excess of the entry . Remove the onyx stone quarries, mines KIRSEHIR is very cost-effective approach for firms that do not work . In general, Sivas , Eskişehir brought to Kirşehir from provinces such as onyx stone is being processed , \"he said .

Neşet Ertaş relatives , Onyx Stone Management is doing" comments for.


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