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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 10:28

Neu \"Advanced Calculations and Data Analysis Laboratory\"Opened

Neu \
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Necmettin Erbakan University ( NEU ) \"Advanced Computing and Data Analysis Laboratory\"was inaugurated at the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture structure.

Konya news: Photo ceremony, Rector of NEU Dr. Muzaffer Sugar, Konya Provincial National Education Director destined Gursoy, Neu Vice Rectors, deans of faculties and administrators, faculty and many students attended. Photo Neu Rector Dr. Sugar victorious in his opening speech, the financial value of the assistance , including in particular the Ministry of Health in gaining a high thanked all the Ankara laboratory of the university bureaucracy. Professor Dr. Sugar, \"faculty members and graduate students through their studies and activities done by the laboratory of recycling adequately addition , we will have to thank the Ministry of Health ,\"he said . Photo Neu Dean of Faculty of Engineering and Architecture Prof. Dr. Ali T will be , of the joy of being the first in a lab and said they were proud . Photo Neu Assistant Head of Data Processing Department . Assoc. Dr. Ali Osman Çıbıkdik that is, specifying the laboratory that they are the followers of the work to the installation of the grant interviews , thanked their support of the Rector of sugar and the Ministry of Health and gave information about the laboratory's technical specifications. Photo LABORATORY Konya < strong> ONE With Photo Neu engineering laboratory established in the medical and social work branch in data analysis and scientific computing that can be done quickly as possible . Konya and the surrounding public and private sector R \u0026 D and laboratory established to be used in scientific activities , open source software packages , as well as users will also provide infrastructure facilities for the programs that require high-performance computing that they developed their own . 512-core processing power, up to 512 GB memory and 48 TB of disk space laboratory with technical specifications , installation and achieved a first in Konya infrastructure.
< Strong> VALUE OF LABORATORY 2 MILLION TL Photo Completely working with open source software lab , Necmettin Erbakan University and was reportedly founded by approximately 2 million worth of grants under the protocol signed with the Ministry of Health . Photo Konya and the surrounding universities and industry needs may want to benefit from the laboratory can be made of the calculations users the laboratory website ( ) capable of accessing application . Users installing packages they want their applications to the system and then they demand processor, to carry out the works in accordance with memory and disk space.


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