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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 15:15

New Era will begin on November 28 Umrah Records

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Umrah new period starts from 28 November it was reported that record.

New era Umrah record on November 28 from the start it was reported that.
Malatya province Mufti Yusuf Haji Gul, on the subject in his written statement,
"2014 Year of Religious Affairs Umrah records 11/28/2013 starts from the date you will . Umra want to go to our citizens provincial and district mufti Umrah with offices in Malatya Mufti, also Presidency of Religious Affairs of the Hajj and Umrah Services General Management of the Internet address them appropriate care program by specifying that they choose Umrah in round 2 or 3 people preferred the room next to the bank code along with the negotiated One of the banks going to take this tour very Umrah fees shall be paid. Umrah fee to the bank to deposit the records of what müftülükler what the Internet environment will be charged. Umra which will go to citizens themselves, their spouses and children or other relatives of wages ID card numbers along with separate deposit the gerekmektedir.banka fee, after depositing their nearest mufti going to or from the address in the Internet environment record will be able to. Internet from enrolling the Umrah passengers register their tour last date of application before the Internet environment they determine mufti increasingly relatives, intimate and proximity connections do are required to make"he said.
extensive knowledge about records Umrah City/County Mufti can be obtained from the offices of Umrah has been saved.

New Era will begin on November 28 Umrah Records" comments for.


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