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  • 27 Aralık 2013, Cuma 15:24

New Method for the Treatment of Kidney Stones in Siirt

New Method for the Treatment of Kidney Stones in Siirt
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Siirt State Hospital for the first time in the latest technologies imparted Stone Crushing Device (ESWL) and surgical devices connected to the patient's 15-minute operation were stones in the kidneys.

Siirt news: Siirt State Hospital for the first time imparted latest technology Stone Crushing Device (ESWL) and surgical devices connected to the patient's 15-minute operation, and then kidney stones at the receipt.
Siirt Public Hospitals Union by the General Secretariat of Siirt State Hospital site for the first time received Stone Crushing Equipment for the first operation was performed. Ali went to the hospital with kidney pain patients from roaming the examinations 1.5 inches in size stones in the left kidney was detected. Connected to the device in the patient's kidney stones without pain evoked was broken in such a short period of 15-20 minutes. Under normal conditions of operation clear what should be done indicating Specialists of Honor series,"newly purchased device closed system very quickly feel the pain from the patient's kidney stones in the slaughtering was. A day in 8 patients actions agreed. These devices Siirt State Hospital site to serve the health care field a very important innovation As we see,"he said.
stone crushing device, indicating that the latest technological products Victory Iron Specialists, eswl'n the body of the shock waves sent from stones in the urinary tract with a focus on a method that allows the breaking of these stones, he said. Iron,"This method is not operated. Patient supine switched to the side above the gel coated with a water cushion contacts and sent shock waves stone focuses on. Goal stones into pieces small enough separating the urethra of the spontaneous decrease is to ensure that. Transaction after the patient has to do the most important Things drink plenty of water is. Plenty urine production, stone particles from the kidney easy disposal while maintaining urinary tract infection the risk of developing it eliminates"he said.
Siirt citizens the best healthcare services to offer stating that the State Hospital Chief of Medical Staff Erhan Özen the studies gave information about. Özenç,"our city and county hospitals, some innovations are made, Siirt State Hospital Additional services building Child Clinic, Maternity and Children Hospital in the Internal Medicine Clinic services began. Earlier in our hospital without endoscopy devices, bone densitometry device and finally the Stone Crusher Device (ESWL) were gained. then our work will last about our hospital, our hospital for the treatment of our citizens can be made more easily and conveniently"he said.

New Method for the Treatment of Kidney Stones in Siirt" comments for.


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