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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 14:45

New Projects in the Health Agenda in Tavsanli ...

New Projects in the Health Agenda in Tavsanli ...
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Tavsanli doctors working in the meeting with the Deputy Kütahya , Gazi , the old State Hospital Phase 1 Service Center to carry out the ministry accepted that the former Social Security Hospital, also a full-fledged Physical Therapy Center work to be done execute said.

Kütahya news: Kavuncu made ​​significant progress in this project by expressing good tidings was soon announced that they will .
Vural Kavuncu Tavşanlı Associate Deputy Kütahya . Dr. Mustafa Pen with doctors who worked at the State Hospital met . Hospital Chief Dr. Unal Ünalan Kavuncu briefing areas , the health services in Tavsanli noted that priority given to patient satisfaction . Kütahya deputy Kavuncu Vural , Tavşanlı State Hospital with 680 employees provides an important contribution to employment in the county said. Kavuncu in hospitals at improving the quality of politicians always keep in the forefront of health issues, noting that he gave the good news . Vural Kavuncu \"here you use of the equipment renewal, developing in parallel , unfortunately, our citizens thought at the same rate can not change . We express ourselves by such difficulties also should overcome . Tavsanli very nice are happening . Twelve thousand acres of land with dialysis and Dental Center where our old hospital Order our 1st Phase Treatment Center would like to establish . new project we have developed and gained acceptance . Tavsanli a brand new service building will do. here outpatient services and short-term bed services able to give . Former Social Security Hospital on development is experiencing. these areas risk of earthquakes have been checked after minor modifications with the full-fledged Physical Therapy Center we want to do . Our citizens Maternity and Children's Hospital wants . However, the ministry here outpatient data by looking at how many births is experiencing , how many children got sick, they are looking at . our data considering a new hospital to be done , unfortunately, difficult it seems . We our work available to our hospital addition as centers must carry out , \"he said
Kütahya deputy Vural Kavuncu , 112 stations increased recalling, health centers also improved reported. Kavuncu in Tavsanli to the doctors in the study wished success and they will be forwarded complaints and suggestions take into account the Tavşanlı for noted that collaboration environments should be disturbing .


New Projects in the Health Agenda in Tavsanli ..." comments for.


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