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  • 10 Ocak 2014, Cuma 08:11

New Regulations Coming to Internet Law

New Regulations Coming to Internet Law
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Act of 5651 provided for the introduction of the changes, said would bring severe sanctions Asst.

İstanbul news: Act of 5651 provided for the introduction of the changes, said would bring severe sanctions Asst. Assoc. Dr.. Hasan Test these amendments come into force and retracting the internet working in the field with participation of all must be reassessed, he said.
'Family and Social Policy of the Ministry of the Organization and Duties of the Decree Law and Certain Laws Amendment Act on the title of' the Plan and Budget Commission passing through the sub-committee and a bag of more than 60 law a bill amending the Law on the Regulation of Internet Broadcast of 5651 provided for the introduction of new regulations on the matter, has been the subject of much debate.
Kemerburgaz Istanbul University Faculty of Law and Vice Dean, Asst. Assoc. Dr.. Hasan's Test in 2007, Law No. 5651 came into force with intense debate about the new arrangement envisaged, serious violations of fundamental rights and freedoms is hosting terms and create frustration, he said. Law No. 5651 came into force from the moment, working in this field academics, practitioners and the internet industry actors, numerous meetings were doing and law disruptions written report form related to the message indicating that the Test,"the European Court of Human Rights of 2012 in December gave Lightning v. Turkey by decision 5651 law to block access measures relating to Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights to freedom of expression that the 10th article violates found that in 2007. enacted this law needed to change, but at the moment in front of us change the word literally a disappointment. because This embodiment of the present law clunky as correcting Although the internet industry difficult to spawn in Turkey, information technology developments in the field waylay and investments in this area are to end the many serious problem also includes"he said.
Editing items in evaluating the Test, the former law widely criticized provisions are corrected as this bill a new catalog crimes of the system was brought the administration's usurpation of powers became more evident that he was in the bill places provider liability and notices regarding possible implementation include provisions are not meaningless, he said. Especially 2 of removing the measures contained in article content, blocking access to the same article is unnecessary and excessive, indicating that while measures Hasan Test this case, the information would hinder investment in the field of international entrepreneurs stressed. Also the place and access providers regarding e-mail and other means to make a notification stipulating regulations related to the review found in the Test,"the e-mailed the notification to the addressee that you have received can not be guaranteed, but the bill so the notification and legal consequences are connected. This notification law principles and violation of the. international investors such a legal responsibility to enter into if you get up, serious international legal problems arise. saw it, no IT company in Turkey would not invest,"he said.
new arrangement with fundamental rights and freedoms in terms of expressing serious violations that come into our lives Asst. Assoc. Dr.. Tests, editing content providers, as requested by the Telecommunication Communication Presidency to deliver the information required that all he said. These changes come into force and do retracting the internet working in the field with participation of all should be reconsidered indicating that the Test is,"From Knowledge, knowledge difference. Scholar in the context of sensitive data in the sensitive and the person's private life related information if it is included or commercial secrets carries information, if any, submitted should not be,"he said.
location provider IP storage prolongation of the time as a principle, that it is safe saying Test,"the workpiece with a crime related to the course of the investigation, where providers' servers stored in the internet broadcast probative carries. Therefore, where providers of this data a certain period of storage requirements can be brought. However, this liability duration Regulation should not be left in the code clearly needs to be organized, because this obligation at the end, where the provider in terms of installed additional costs will create,"he said.
"of bomb-making EXPRESSION NOT CRIME"
Internet's function technique and the character that she should understand very well Asst. Assoc. Dr.. Hasan Test,"The Internet of freedom of expression most widely shared is the medium. Course, the rule of law independent of it should not be, but really social life more in terms of the necessary legal values ​​should be based. Example, bomb making an ongoing website access should be prevented. Anywhere in the world and what is unacceptable down is evident. child pornography nobody patronage does not. terrorist crimes, and in this context, for example, bomb-making as certain verbs to sites containing blocking access in terms of the agreement are. new regulation on a website, bomb-making narration of the block that requires not a crime. currently in Turkey it can not prevent. Prevention should avoid, not just subconsciously blocking think you need to stop trying. its also a legal point of view it is not possible to say,"he has included.
all access providers will join the 'Access Helpers Union, envisaging the establishment of material re-revising that tells the Test,"the members of the Union, providing access be unable to serve it said. This regulation drafters gain access services on the content of a clear knowledge about the fact that I have serious doubts. Turkey is really gaining access service providers how many the company? such To what extent the implementation of a formation is needed? scientific analysis work on this subject has been conducted?"said.
in 2011, the 'Safe Use of Internet to the Procedures and Principles Regarding Draft' arrangements react to the citizens by the 15 May 2011 performed at the 'Internet Home touch 'regulation was withdrawn as a result of the action. With the advent of new regulations with users of social media accounts '# internetkanunuiste hope' responses with the hashtag expressed. Additionally, citizens, 18 January 2014 in preparation for making a new action In. Asst. Assoc. Dr.. Hasan is tested,"in 2011 to organize serious reactions showed. Rights and freedoms and our 'Internet Dokunma' he said. Efforts Our success and mandatory profile application was withdrawn. Done today requested this amendment a much greater threat we are under. 2011 than in Our react to a higher voice, our voice to be heard in a peaceful way and to prevent the enactment of these regulations need to do our best,"he said.

New Regulations Coming to Internet Law" comments for.


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