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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 17:06

New Regulations for Commercial Email and Email

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29 166 No. 5 November 2014 Accepted Date Brought the Law on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce by commercial e-mail the information given to new regulations , including regulations relating to commercial messages as SMS.

İstanbul news: One of the important issues held in
Law , promotional e-mails sent by the company , as they relate to commercial messages such as SMS and receiver without prior permission irrespective of the transmitted for commercial content messages (e-mail , such as SMS ) on the preferred two types of arrangements in the world reported to be . The first of these , giving the possibility to refuse absolutely to the message in the first sending of the message , and the second , the first message permission from people before they are sent .
US more first system acceptable, while the system accepted in the European Union to take prior permission. Photo tried to ensure compliance with the EU legislation in the New Law held in Turkey , in this context, according to the regulations of the Law Article 6 , the commercial content of the message sends necessarily prior permission has been imposed .
However, artisans and merchants is outside of this rule.
tradesman or merchants , businesses will be able to send such commercial content messages without prior permission .
However, if the trades or traders has seen rapidly in Eastern , according to the law, sent commercial content messages in drying of the sender or telephone number, fax number, text message number and e-mail addresses and contact information must be provided in accessible as the opportunity to be able to reject the message of the person received it . Moreover, the person sending the message according to the new regulations , the rejection notice , ensuring easy and free being transmitted via electronic communication tools and the messages they send obliged to submit the required information in this regard . Message after reaching the sender of the request rejection along with them the sender has to stop sending messages electronically to the buyer within three business days.
That do not conform to this requirement , be punished by a fine of the same Act is being planned. According to
Law , without prior permission commercial content message if sent , up to five thousand Turkish liras from thousands of Turkish lira to the sender administrative penalty to be cut. Moreover, a commercial message content without prior permission more than one at a time (e-mail , such as SMS ) If by mail, so the penalty is expected to be increased tenfold .

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