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  • 31 Ekim 2014, Cuma 16:11

New Target of fortune hunters elderly and those living alone

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Elderly and lonely people who still Fraudsters target assets .

Elderly and lonely people who still Fraudsters target assets . Scams, meet old and alone before with anyone , they take away their assets to form friendships after winning their trust and friendship. Photo of 75-year-old Mehmet Toy suffer from this issue. The assets received from the hands of the lawsuits Toy takes 7 years. Years ago , a worker in Germany Mehmet Toy, began with a plot to get the money that has accumulated from the Tuzla region . Mehmet Toy, coat provision giving the land to the contractor with the construction contract , taking 9 units at an apartment was rented . Objectives include the rest of his life in peace and prosperity of the country I live in Turkey. But Mehmet Toy of people with tenants who are closely monitoring the cheaters, taking advantage of his old age while seeing their work formed the pretext of helping her proximity . Accompanied her way to the bank , where he won the trust due to aging treatment escorted by going to the hospital . Toy winning the trust of the fraud, or at the time of treatment in hospital for a number of documents were signed by saying he needs to be given to the hospital. Certificates stating that came under owner and liabilities content for 2007'y to find this document with about legal proceedings initiated it owes to putting amassed by saving for years overseas money Ankara that buy, Izmit , putting lien on the assets located in Kayseri and Istanbul, in the bank including the pensions they defraud him putting his hands on all income . To open up the state of the outdated Mehmet Toy case even tried to prevent the mortar find the money. Photo Mehmet Toy judgment lien was admitted to understanding the situation when officers arrived at his house . While continuing the proceedings in relation to events that occurred in 2007 , can not pay all fees and guarantees Mehmet Toy Ankara , Kayseri and sold real estate located in Izmit , finally continue sales transactions for apartments located in Tuzla. Mehmet Regarding Photo Thread Toy's lawyer Av. Baran Lung that , in this case that there are many people who , fraudsters usually stayed abroad for a long time with the elderly and lonely people and they chose people who do not know the legal procedures in Turkey , he said. Also the lung ; swindlers who knows the judicial process is very long , it is easier for fraudsters long process to appeal the foreclosure process initiated by signed by the documents because deception is 7 days , this period is very high fees of the case to be opened is missed , it , however, the case of executive sales directly blocking, sales and redemption are defrauded by people who stop to deposit money owed ​​as they appear next to that extra security deposit required 15 percent , but said in this way can be stopped by law enforcement process. Coverage Find incompressible and that the deposit can not people assets had to be paid to cheat by placing hand , even the money in it and the bank sold the remedies even and that even established pressure on hovering debtor contacts that appear to lien their homes and that they are forced to deal. Photo in a statement it has made Akcan, pay attention to those citizens ought , he said:Photo \"such is elected in general rich and lonely people in the fraud. Elderly should already stimulated by the families against such events, and in them the environment such person received information on whether there are , and must be checked. the old and lonely people to the ordinary showing off way interest and relevance , in the presence of the person who offered to help the situation should be submitted to immediately investigated and appropriate authorities in. old-lonely people to review and documentation sent by their given or mail without consulting their relatives and should be to sign and send \". Photo Lung , the \"In our country in recent years, such cases of fraud on the rise , unfortunately , some identity and address information seizing the crooks of persons, to obtain other necessary information for their prospective victims to get in touch personally with their own , their lawyers , police, prosecutors or public service entities such as judges as they introduce themselves as the target of a terrorist organization and fear that we are witnessing much they cheated with similar stories . Who abuse the plight of victims using the weaknesses of human psychology bulmakt are different ways to cheat every day . In this case we can also add the latest way we're talking about fraud . Rich people living alone and in need of attention and affection are hungry for fraudsters. Social assistance to the elderly as a task , great responsibility falls primarily to the close relatives of this person . Their old and warn and close relatives living alone, is supposed to call and ask and need help to make this assistance. Close attention and affection of the people can not see its hopes to a hopefully fraudsters. Help than they used to, they like when they see this situation with compassion and respect. They are getting the idea that expense to help them . In this way, go for what they want to naively believe that they were told to lie cheat . Fraud actions also take place at this point . Work going on here in the past they have noticed . A team that accepts documents themselves is owed to them hastily and professionally ettiriliyor signature . After being ripped off as we tried to explain to protect their assets and get back their lost becomes almost impossible. Or, when confronted with this kind of situation they are at least close to giving notice to immediately contact their doubts when they trust the police and the Public Prosecutor is very important , \"he said .

New Target of fortune hunters elderly and those living alone" comments for.


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