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  • 09 Temmuz 2014, Çarşamba 17:18

New Yenice village headman Ibrahim Okyay:

New Yenice village headman Ibrahim Okyay:
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New Yenice connected to Banda district of Balikesir district Headman Ibrahim Okyay recent rainfall wound to the farmer said .

Balıkesir news: Banda district of Balikesir connected to the new Yenice District Mukhtar Ibrahim Okyay recent rains farmers wound said .
Turkey's vegetable warehouse known as the New Yenice neighborhood livelihood of 26 thousand acres of land , primarily leeks , including beans, peas, peppers , tomatoes, cauliflower , cabbage and wheat that they provide Okyay said , \"Last year, weight 500-600 cents leek we sold our . Farmers always hope alive we still leeks and other of our products hopeful. Recent rainfall was also useful , a good crop expect,\"he said.
Okyay of wheat this season , indicating that make them laugh , 400-500 pounds per acre were harvested products , weight also said they sell between 700 to 800 cents .
Okyay , but they benefit from irrigation pond Emre them with sufficient water noting that not even asked for water use .

New Yenice village headman Ibrahim Okyay:" comments for.


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