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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 11:34

Night of the Metropolitan Vefa

Night of the Metropolitan Vefa
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Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality by the'Night of the Poets Wafa'was held.

Kayseri news: In the night he called the poet , who died in October also explained the short life story of poet poetry was sung .
Cities poet held at Theatre Speaking at the opening of the Fidelity program Municipality Secretary General Mustafa Yalcin poets said memorial is a debt of gratitude. In the last week of each month during the month that they wanted to commemorate the poet who lost their lives that the Secretary-General Yalcin, poetry in terms of the Anatolian soil is very fertile lands , he said . All kinds will perform a program on politics emphasized by Mustafa Yalcin, due to mining accidents in Ermenek of the composed poem poet reed he would not voiced by the committee. Photo Poet to Vefa night with their opinions about the proposal for those who want to indicate they expect expressing Yalcin, Vefa in Night of the first , past October in Ilhan Attila the poet who died , Fethi Gemuhluoğl of poems , Behçet Kemal Caglar, Hasan Nail Canat , Ziya Gökalp and said they would share Asaf Halet Celebi's poems . Photo Municipality Secretary General of the night after Mustafa Yalcin speech voice of the Age of thirty five first poem poems poetry read. Photo was dominated by sad feelings are shared in an atmosphere full of poetry readings . Night , poetry lovers of great interest . Poets Vefa Night Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Mustafa Yalcin , as well as Denizhan Burhan, you Murat Ozdemir and Sukru Springs seven poet's poems had a pleasant to şiirsever filled the voice of the hall in the evening .


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