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  • 09 Kasım 2012, Cuma 06:29

No assignment of teachers in February

No assignment of teachers in February
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National Education Minister Omer Dincer, in February, there will be no assignment of teachers reported that

National Education Minister Omer Dincer, 2013 of the Ministry's budget negotiations, lawmakers criticism and answered questions.

Minister Dincer, 64 thousand 600 at the beginning of last year, around 54 thousand at the end of the period, this year around 12 thousand teachers are employed in salaried said,'' the question of paid teachers in this country are about to solve. In addition, you must select a different course this year we put 21 units paid but we were able to reduce the number of teachers,'' he said so.

Today, there are 120 thousand teachers expressed the need for Dincer, said:

'' This is 120 thousand teachers said that we need the following two assumptions, depending on the need. One, in Turkey, including all classrooms of 30 students will do an arrangement. Give up bilateral training. Single-primary and primary education is 30 students per classroom, middle school and high school teachers in the whole school enrollment rate to 100 percent, in which case an additional 120 thousand teachers need today.''

Significantly compared to the current situation, a teacher, states that there is deficit Dincer, yapılmayacağının on the question of whether to appoint a month'', or any teacher assignment will be made in February. As the Ministry, and assignments will not be allowed to change from period to period in the teachers''' he said.

Dincer, Anatolian high schools to do the assignment up to 15 November this year, he added.

Council of Higher Education for the Master's Degree Program at the University of Artuklu Kurdish quota allocated in proportion to the faculty Dincer said,'' It is my friends next year in the prescribed kontenjanlarda teachers, teachers need to prepare themselves,'' he said.

Dinçer speech after the 2013 budget of the Ministry of Education voted and accepted.

No assignment of teachers in February" comments for.


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