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  • 22 Temmuz 2014, Salı 12:53

No stones as paint he used and are doing

No stones as paint he used and are doing
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In Turkey, the first and only representative of stone art Batuhan Bozkurt , hammers and hammers made ​​from natural stone powder gives new life to .

İzmir news: In Turkey, the first and only representative of stone art Batuhan Bozkurt , hammers and hammers made ​​from natural stone powder gives new life to . Art Booth gives 41 years , collected from various parts of Turkey colorful stones are crumbling before then transforms into a wonderful art . 41 years 341 works , engaged in numerous exhibitions both domestic and abroad, stone painting artist Batuhan Bozkurt , in the village of Urla Barbaros again , giving the colors of nature . Booth, the liquid found in nature , jasper, kyanite , serpandit , pyrite, manganese , sapphire, hematite, lamatit , basalt, marble, kinds of stone like granite 100 thousand powdered brought before labor and then the picture is doing . Photos of the stone in the works of artists who use more natural state Seljuk, Ottoman and Indian miniature art prints stand out . Stones can not do any picture that and no longer move like a paint that they use Bozkurt , these techniques begin the story said:\"This work 41 years ago teachers in the school that I read during my professors was managed by . Teacher stones using work asked me to do . I also my teacher at the request've collected stone with a little work I did . stones with a lion, a gazelle shredding scene depicting did . these studies teacher by my widely acclaimed and it works end of year exhibition at a good price sold. \"
first year the stones into pieces no larger use said Booth, the pictures made stage , said:\"on the canvas, fine details could not. therefore blocks further shrinking almost powdered bring that way I started using . this technique, three-dimensional works began to do . provided my roughly 100 varieties near the stones I use. stones ago I'm doing and powdered such time I beat them up crumbling . Sift again by washing several large and small grain sized stones separately and in this way I'm storing in bottles instead of natural stones have stored in my workshop I'm painting . I crumble when I started painting it according to the color in the picture I'm using natural stone . There are so many types of stone in nature , but I can not find the color red was the only color stone flags . So far I could not find this color stones . Blocks breaking technological machines that do not use in any way , I do not want to be captured in technology . Therefore, with his intelligence and with the tools that I make with my hands to'm breaking my stone . I use the positive energy of the stones comes to me and I am doing my work in this way . This peace of mind to the pictures and the people was also reflected happening . \"
Urla Barbaros village an old school building an art museum uses including Booth, this building is open to everyone sheds his works here showcases . Incoming visitors also works with his hands touching for the proposal's .

No stones as paint he used and are doing" comments for.


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