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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 16:37

NOC Extraordinary General Meeting was held

NOC Extraordinary General Meeting was held
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Turkey's National Olympic Committee ( NOC ) Extraordinary General Meeting was held on Saturday, November 1, the Olympic .

İstanbul news: Photo of Dr. Ugur Erdener's presidential nomination in the single list was attended by 113 members of the General Assembly took place . Will serve until March 2017 were determined established. Congress , after the tribute began with the National Anthem . General Assembly Sour Naci Kemal was elected Chairman of the Council . In the election, NOC's new board of directors, register of directors, council , high counseling and discipline during the transition to voting for the supervisory board and council before done in the NOC regulations by the Directorate of Provincial Associations were discussed and resolved at the desired changes. After Photo General Assembly , Professor Dr. Ugur Erdener the distribution of tasks by the first meeting of the new board of directors has determined as follows:Photo Chair:Prof. Dr. Uğur Erdener , Vice President:Turkey Armstrong, Vice President:Hasan Arat, Mr Masters , Treasurer:Oktar Immaculate, Members:Parviz Aran, Sezai Bağbaşı , Turgay Demirel , Sema Kasapoğlu, Mustafa Linen, Elif Ozdemir, Professor Dr. Aysel Wrestler, Sayyed Bilal bosun Abdullah Topaloğlu, month Uluç . Photo NOC of the other committees were comprised of the following names:Photo Registry Board:Necati gangsters , Şadan Akin Ira , Sinan Egyptians , Hüdaverdi Talay , Oral Yilmaz < br/> the Council:Ali Ergenç , Turhan Göker, Nurseli Gulay , Omer Lutfi Gideon, Aaron Joy, Elijah tunaoglu , Abdülbahr the Vreskal
High Advisory and Disciplinary Committee:Vural Akarçay , Naci Bayamlıoğl , Dig My Gedik , Hope Cutting, Lale Orta Atilla Disturbed , Murat Faruk Ozbay , Shafiq Sivrikaya, Salih Aydin Yolaç

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