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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 11:57

Non-kaçakçıcı kekeleyince he was caught.

Non-kaçakçıcı kekeleyince he was caught.
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Osmaniye province of Kadirli cigarette smuggler caught kekeleyince practice across the police.

This is an interesting event occurred in the way of Osmanabad district killed Orhan sky. 494 police officers engaged in routine practice 27 RH tool to stop your license and registration plate asked. Police 'Where are you from?' Drive on the question of panic began to stutter. Söyleyemeyince Kilis province police suspected that the condition of the person of a kind and the vehicle searched. The first thing you are not in the controls industry, leading the police to search for vehicle details with the special compartments under seats where the study was realized stash contraband cigarettes. Zula 2 thousand 800 packets of counterfeit cigarettes were seized inside the telltale stutter M.Ç. (35) was referred to the judicial authorities.

watertight drug traffickers on the other hand, police had traced the marijuana sold the information reaches the third person. The teams, Osmanabad District 674 street car plate Firebug tool Martyr Ibrahim ready to drink, leaving the forest area of ​​10 packages of cannabis were detained buried item. Search at the house party in the garden wall hidden TOS 19 pack ready to drink the so-called cannabis seized fireworks. H.K., Ö.A. and İ.P. After the police department operations were referred to judicial authorities.

Non-kaçakçıcı caught kekeleyince Betrayed. Sigara caught out kaçakçıcı verdi. kekeleyince

Non-kaçakçıcı kekeleyince he was caught." comments for.


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