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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 17:18

Non-Profit Tire Tools Continue Path will not be able

Non-Profit Tire Tools Continue Path will not be able
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Erzincan, the car owners to get caught unprepared for the rainy winter weather began to change their approach with vehicle tires.

Erzincan news: Photo Transport, according to the regulations on Maritime Affairs and Communications prepared by the Ministry and two years ago with the dimensions and procedures relating to the installation enacted vehicles weighing and size measurement tolerances are not suitable for winter conditions and snow tires will not be allowed to continue the path of the installed tool. If the operator of the vehicle does not comply with rule 519 pounds fine installing winter tires on that and regulations applicable requirement , inter-city freight and learned that include commercial vehicles carrying passengers . the tools used in passenger and goods transport by Photo regulations required between every year on December 1 and April 1 depending on as they use winter tires and weather conditions in the said period , 1 month operator to 519 pounds fine of vehicles that do not comply with this rule, although from the information obtained will be extendable by the ministry and learned to apply penalties sanctions . Photo Erzincan in the tire trade said giving information about Erkan Akbas tire change which make ; Photo on average , although a vehicle's 4 winter change tires vehicle to vehicle between economic class tools 120 and 150 TL , top tab means 200 to $ 300 , higher tab means the an average of 450 is $ 500 in the price range in price range sahip.araç chain passenger cars in 75 per trade in the vehicle is with the construction of a vehicle's tire change balance outside the değişiyor.b between 150 and 500 TL takes 45 minutes, but we are working with the system of appointment and Thus , we demand that they leave our customers with our 8 staff with the onset of bekletmiyoruz.şu density with 50 vehicles to cater ediyoruz.bunu however mid citizens of our tire change for the winter. Photo wINTER ENGAGING the tires DRIVE tHE wHEEL ENOUGH iS NOT Photo Akbas in continuation of the description ; difference from the summer tires for winter tires ; Write the tire of material of 7 ° C under way for curing at temperatures grip azalmaktadır.kış tires , as well as custom profiles , Silica-based materials they are produced is softer and 7 ° C under dry in cold weather asphalt improves grip in snow and ice. Photo Winter tires fitted to the wheels with just the pull of is definitely not enough , must be fitted to all four wheels , because it means the shortest distance in a önemlidir.i than the movable stop braking performance and stability in the 4 wheels for winter tires şarttır.kış tire attached to the vehicle of snow chain have their road traffic law and related road traffic regulations is compulsory profitable and taking some Snow Chains on icy roads .
wearing this obligation in summer or winter tires , 4x4 , including also applies to all vehicles. Photo New winter after the tire is fitted Akbas pointed out that the issues to be considered ; In order to separate easily from the mold of the tire lamella in the production process of the winter tire use separating oil from a base Silica mold and should be cleared to allow the oil to the desired grip in the tires and broad-based that winter tires surface lapping the process is more important , and after fitting winter tires ; On dry road about 200-300 km surface exercise done, neglect to high speed during surface lapping , not made a sudden brake , pointing to the use in the tire of snow without fast entered is not and surface exercises to bend , said all of its customers in making exercises that warned about this .
different sizes from summer tires winter tires , speed, and as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer that the load range and standard summer tires is not given advice by winter tire fitting gerektiğini.ancak producer with properties ; Diameter same but the width winter tires with less kullanılabilir.yük class must not be the same If used .Hız limit lower winter tires , due to the low speed limit of winter tires , the driver should be warned with a sticker to be affixed to the odometer . If the winter tires with a lower load range from a Photo Write tires definitely pointing should be installed Akbas , factory a winter tire with a lower load classes from the summer tires fitted to the vehicle , vehicle overload bear the even that carries a great risk in technical terms , and during the investigation of an accident after expert or insurance appraisals will be held responsible for the tire wears service if this determined and stated that payment of insurance compensation.


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