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  • 03 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 12:33

Northern Cyprus has hosted the World Famous Masters of Backgammon

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World Backgammon Federation organized in collaboration with the International Backgammon Championship 2. Open Merit , Merit Park Hotel hosted took place between October 29 2 November .

Lefkoşa news: Photo first last year 30 October-3 held between November and World Ranking 2nd place Japanese Michihito Kageyama the 19-4'lük score beat Russian Sergey resulting in the Erokhin first tournament this year, the world-famous names entertained. Aiming to be among the world's No. Merit International Open Backgammon Championship tournament this year ; 2014 world champion Akiko Yazawa (Japan), champion 2009 world Masayuki Mochizuki (Japan), Michel Serrero (France) , Steen Groenbech (Denmark) , Giorgos Kleitsas (Greece), Douglas Mayfield (USA), Jon Kristian Royset (Norway) , Sabri Büyüksoy (Turkey), Petko Kostadinov (USA) and Jurgen Orlowski ( Germany), famous players participated. Photo world Backgammon Association ( Worldwide Backgammon Federation) Secretary General Marco Fornase and Art Findikoglu tournament held in the director this year was a record turnout . 306 professional players from 31 countries fought in 9 different categories. Including Brazil , Greece and players from countries where Armenia is ,'Is the world's largest tournament ,''as they define it struggled 2. Open Merit at the International Backgammon Championship. A total of 214 thousand euros in the Danish championship Hanrik Veje distribution of prize money was defeated 15 to 17 Katsios Athanasios Greek champions after a hard struggle . Katsios won 45 thousand 250 euro prize money, which was the second owner of Vejer de 22 thousand 800 euro . Greeks field awards ceremony Katsios , stating that won the first time in an international tournament ,''Cyprus Backgammon heaven''he said .
TOURNAMENT TOURISM Photo Edited such activities with Northern Cyprus't they launched a new tourism channel and \"tournament Tourism \"class indicating different areas famous names ağırladıklarını Merit Park Hotel General Coordinator Aydogan Turay , \"as Merit Park Hotel in Europe even we aim to backgammon tournaments center in the world. Cyprus endless sun and we offer facilities attracts the interest of foreign players. the majority of these players are coming for the first time to the island thanks to this tournament. when they returned here with good memories of the country, then we will witness they come for a holiday . There are players who apply before 4 months for participation in this tournament. in this case , it's a successful venture in terms of the promotion of Northern Cyprus . began to give the Tournament tourism fruit , \"he said .
''< strong> WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Cyprus DE're DONE ''< br/> also President of Merit Park Backgammon Gürdal Büyükgüng is successfully performed by the participants of the championship ,''tournament of the year ,''said they take great pride in the identification . Büyükgüng ,''the participants in our tournament and had players from Armenia, Greece . We have removed the borders in North Cyprus. We speak the same language with backgammon. Players by being portrayed as the world's biggest tournament and tournament of the year , we were very happy . Given the level of awards and we offer unmatched facilities . The world-famous players, every year the world championships in Monte Carlo Backgammon they submit their request in making in Northern Cyprus. We will begin our research on this issue as soon as possible ,''he said.

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