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  • 22 Eylül 2014, Pazartesi 10:16

Not All Back Pain Herniated Disc

Not All Back Pain Herniated Disc
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Nineteen May University (OMU ) Faculty of Medicine Hospital Pain ( Pain ) Head of Department

Samsun news: Nineteen May University (OMU ) Faculty of Medicine Hospital Pain ( Pain ) Head of Department Dr. Fuat Güldoğuş , correctly identifying the cause of low back pain, pain in the first , then the treatment method should be chosen , he said.
Pain Specialist Professor Dr. Fuat Güldoğuş , low back pain , a common problem that causes symptoms and a period of almost everyone's life stressed that a situation where you have problems . In the lumbar region of the body load bearing spine , intervertebral which cushions discs , vertebrae from the spinal channel , leaving the body radiating nerves and all the structures around the muscle has stated that the Güldoğuş , \"That any of the structures in the disorder back pain may be the reason ,\"he said .
wrong , especially recurrent lumbar movements, unstable posture-fit muscle strain and disorders of the lumbar spine and surrounding muscles relationships with each other , indicating that disrupt the Professor Dr. Fuat Güldoğuş , \"As a result, the vertebrae that combines joints solidify and arthritis , spine located around the body and left/right , fore and aft movement of the muscles that dysfunction of the solidification leads to the picture. Patients with LBP majority of hernia diagnosis he fabricated and admit it has already . this reason the CT or MRI have been reported in mild hernia patient by reading or physician to him by the herniated disc is saying is the consolidation . both cases the patient a false life form oriented happens , \"he said .

REAL hernia
\"herniated disc which is defined as condition of your spine as a cushion between seeing the discs between the vertebrae outwards is to extend . this overflow slight swelling of the disc jacket rupture of the content spillovers between the different ways you can \"Güldoğuş that information ,\"in deciding the treatment of these patients are the most important findings . Then, to support the findings of CT or MR pulling examined . Examination without priority , evaluated with MRI in patients without actually causing the patient's pain can be described mild disc overflows and labeled with the patient would be diagnosed with a herniated disc . This is completely the wrong approach . Because the patient and the real cause of the pain can be closed without investigation as well as unnecessary'I have a herniated disc , \"he restricts the life of a human model will be created . The underlying reason for it was closed because of pain continued to progress , the patient will be able to drag more troublesome situations . On the other hand the idea of ​​acting with a herniated disc , which restricts daily activities of patients and reduce muscle work actually began to self-harm . Because the most common cause of low back pain lumbar muscle and/or joint problems , especially in the lumbar spine active lifestyle is recommended. Otherwise, muscle weakness and joint calcification is accelerated disease progression , \"he said .
Pain Specialist Prof Dr . Fuat description Güldoğuş concluded:\"All these assessments mistakes or excesses set aside if the problem is really due to a herniated disc patients should be treated more effectively and accurately . The most urgent , leg numbness and loss of strength that severe hernia . Emergency treatment or surgery may be required . Apart from the many pain treatments for back and leg pain has . X-ray equipment under the needle reached the lumbar spine joints are painful points or more effective drugs to the nerves of the spinal joints can be checked with a special device called radiofrequency . But before the cause of the pain should be identified correctly , then treatment should be selected. \"

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