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  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 09:38

Not every innocent Abdominal Pain

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Results in the expansion of the aorta consists of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm abdominal cavity , and does not specify insidious watching .

Results in the expansion of the aorta consists of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm abdominal cavity , and does not specify insidious watching . Enlarged veins popping is not recognized and can result in death . Photo Marmara University , Pendik Training and Research Hospital , Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Selim İsbir , later said he saw more than 60 years of disease in men with hypertension smoker .
Prof. İsbir , when the burst aneurysm of the vast majority of patients emphasized that they are aware of this disease ,''Few reveals pain in the abdomen and waist area prior to the patient that these symptoms are not specific symptoms of the disease. I think society enough is the most important reason is the lack of a specific symptom of the disease and the aorta the unknown continue to insidious growth in this process , \"he said .
Prof. İsbir of aneurysm of abdominal pain in patients before the explosion by stating that the most frequently encountered ,''onset of bleeding to burst and the abdominal cavity of the vein between the people \"internal bleeding \"also known as is the sudden drop in blood pressure and associated symptoms occur . If the patient is lucky if bleeding self-limiting and patients in a hospital chance of survival if you get to the Cardiovascular Surgery centers which carry out this operation could . But often lost their lives when the table is coming in the opposite direction and patients aneurysm burst. aneurysm exploding and the patients who reached the hospital related to excessive blood loss, kidney failure, if an underlying heart disease existing heart attacks and even paralysis can occur ,''he said. Photo Professor isb is mostly diagnosed by noting that a simple ultrasound in patients presenting with abdominal pain ,''mostly in patients presenting with abdominal pain diagnosis is possible with a simple ultrasound. Abdominal pain that makes possible to mix with other diseases. However, abdominal pain , along with the patient in a state of shock in mind that the abdominal aortic aneurysm should come to''he said . Photo disease İspir indicating that genetic predisposition , family in patients with aneurysm story stating that more frequent , \"also due to vascular stiffness (arthritis ), heart more common in those with the disease. high blood pressure at this point , the most important risk factors of smoking and male gender . Exploding aneurysm patients as soon as may be made of these surgeries \"Cardiovascular Surgery \"centers should be routed to . the patient was fluid and blood support should be made and if the central \"endovascular \"treatment can do is rapidly this treatment should be applied. endovascular from the groin treatment \"endovascular graft \"is placed in that aortic region we a stent aneurysm named and bleeding stopped aneurysm is treated . However, each patient may not be suitable for this method in this case, an operation made ​​by the conventional surgical method abdomen placed in an artificial blood vessel of the aneurysm , \"he said .
ENDOVASCULAR been restored to centers experienced in DEATH RATE PERCENTAGE 0 is Prof. Photo Selim İsbir , endovascular treatment of disease in the last year of repair is a very important innovation and noted that increase the survival rate of patients at a great rate . Photo İsbir , said:''In the process we refer to as open surgery for improvements Abdominal aortic aneurysm if the patient aneurysm from bursting was diagnosed and the mortality rate is around 5-6 per cent is taken into operation during surgery. This figure is 0 percent even in experienced centers endovascular about 1 percent in the art. Aneurysm exploded in open surgical procedures in patients this percentage is 15-20 s . Endovascular repair method , the catheter is placed into the aneurysm with help from a private groin and disable aneurysm stent'. Photo endovascular repair does HELD IN HER HEAD Photo Prof. Selim İsbir , abdominal aortic aneurysm drawing made ​​been unable gold in all centers of repair ,''cardiovascular surgeons in endovascular treatment operating room for improvements, abdominal aortic aneurysm , interventional radiology technologists, cardiovascular surgery, anesthesiologists , experienced technicians and are treated to a large team consisting of a nurse. This operating during the placement of the graft should be the angiography device called display device. Made in the process of operating conditions , especially during the process fails to prevent infection and stent placement is important in case of conversion to open surgery. Number of Cardiovascular Surgery centers in our country angiography device in the operating room environment is very low. Is mostly done in the radiology department of cardiology and angiography laboratories are at risk in this case , I think ,''he said.
Prof. Selim İsbir , that must be applied to the scanning center for cardiovascular surgery , the diagnosis by ultrasonography and tomographic imaging studies done in the radiology department after detailed , adding that it is possible .

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