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  • 03 Eylül 2013, Salı 08:02

Note that this notice on Facebook! Here are three wrong with Facebook

Note that this notice on Facebook! Here are three wrong with Facebook
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Every move on Facebook's not true! Please note that you need to give up three things on Facebook ...

many users Facebook comes several times a day, share the latest news "likes"to share pictures of cats and other sugar-looking animals, and sometimes a few words Sticky Thread"situations"share. However, it is so simple to use Facebook, and sometimes the difference etmeyebiliyoruz did wrong.

Sticky Thread Sticky

Here on Facebook 3 things you need to give up ta:

1 Public and private conversations mix: Facebook, your wall, not directly to the wall of a friend, write a special message sent to him does not mean that no one will see. This message is still visible to others. Button to open a new message to send private message to press the Messages screen (or friend, please call).

Sticky Thread 2 Too much to share: Social media sites, thoughts, experiences, encourages us to share our photos and our videos. If this is too much in some of us sonuçlanabiliyor paylaşmasıyla. Details such as what you eat for breakfast bothers other users of shares.

Sticky Thread Sticky

3 Leave too much detail in photos: Smart pockets, and some of the new cameras, able to add GPS information to photos. It saw the photographs in the photo, where they were filmed and are aware of this information so you can see any of your GPS position. Facebook, Sils GPS information in your photos every web site that does not function; Facebook, there is no guarantee that the behavior will continue. Therefore, its cleanliness must make sure that before you upload photos. Check the data sent with a photo and details to enter its properties tab.


Note that this notice on Facebook! Here are three wrong with Facebook" comments for.


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