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  • 18 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 11:25

Nothing not prevent him

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And 16 years living in Eskişehir blind Najm Akyol , moral support given to him by his perseverance simitçilig continues .

Eskisehir living and 16 years, blind Najm Akyol , given to him moral support of his simitçilig resolutely continues .
Among the people \"Chicken Land known as\"seeing the infected Akyol , 28 years old, sight is lost. Despite losing his eyes and hold fast to life Akyol , Akarbaşı Ucar Street neighborhood in front of a hospital makes a living by selling pretzel . Doctors he will go blind on to say , like a blind man by living its current life that is preparing Akyol, \"my eyes would only lose once you know , who do not like one living preparation did. Eyes closing walked , tea filled . Where I'm going with my mind I've made . Now lead to people not even describe ,\"he said .
mONEY to confuse him money counting machine MADE
Simitçilik that began in the years that she has difficulty expressing Akyol, \"for the first time the most money on was having trouble . at that time, the money all the same length was me five pounds , giving 50 pounds gave saying me too was paid . now money to their size, different me by myself currency counting machine made ​​by him the amount of money learn money over promise. even so, people'm blind sometimes do not even notice , \"he said . < br/> My wife who is also blind , Akyol said that does the job of spiritual support .

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