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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 14:15

Notice from the Government surrenders before him Classroom

Notice from the Government surrenders before him Classroom
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Balikesir Businessmen's Association (surrenders before him) to Kurplika President Osman, of university 'running small businesses with small profit margins' is suggested.

Balıkesir news: Balikesir Businessmen's Association (surrenders before him) to Kurplika President Osman, of university 'running small businesses with small profit margins' is suggested. Of university against the closure who expressed their Kurplika to, especially in East and Gündeydog Anatolia Region in center for studies and reading room sealed or different formats of conversion of the terrorist organization PKK into the hands claimed.
Surrenders before him President Osman Kurplika the government's classroom close reacted to the decision was . Association on building press conference Osman Kurplika to the public, has long engaged the classrooms of civil society organizations as the thoughts expressed,"Courses in the community need arises nature are businesses. Consumer reason Eliminate the classroom itself will disappear. Our Constitution According to Article 48 undertakings liberty safeguards has been secured. This way the Constitution, contrary process will be made, the rule of law will be seriously injured is. Classroom of the bill to private schools turn as 10 percent fixed. 100 schoolroom, but 10 of them to private school, transforming, so 10 will fit a draft to impose How much sense? liquidated forced to operators to be victimized in question will be. all işletmeciyiz, credit used, short and medium-term payment plans are made. You classrooms if you close the insolvent entrepreneurs will be. this necessarily be the case if a schedule connecting, 3-5 years as have a system would be correct. Classroom of the economy a positive contribution to the tax angle serious to have a share. these economic contraction will cause. Courses closure of employment also will be negatively affected,"he said.
Lyrics East and Southeast education focused on the surrenders before him chairman Osman Kurplika to, in his assessment of the government's decision of the Ministry of Education appointed send by difficulties in the East and Southeast Anatolia alternative in the reading room as promoter at the expense commute serving damage to the teachers, he said. Government of university was shut down, the terrorist organization PKK, grist to the mill has it that told Kurplika A, said:
"Classroom of the closure also unregistered system led to an increase will be. Students in private schools to those who can not tutoring and closing the gap to work with. These special courses, our government what the tax take? possible, but will not receive. Courses annuity is not a gate, a small margin working with are small businesses. Rant, gain unfair means. Profits able to businesses that rent door eye look with our teachers to offend is. Courses two thousand, three thousand of service giving. private schools 15 thousand and 25 thousand TL private schools have. A segment to consider the students the public school can send and no support is unable, but middle-income families in public school sent students to the classroom by supplementing with private schooled students according to provide equality of opportunity was happening. You classroom if you close the equality of opportunity that captures the citizens close this gap to 15 thousand pounds pay the private school to send. it across the state 2 thousand 500 pounds supplements would claim. remaining 12 thousand 500 pounds, who will give? What will happen? middle-income youth in the unfair competition due to will be left behind. Society serious social ills will cause. their children no classroom sent are unable children the study centers and lecture halls are going. Employer our brothers support them, the free educational surrendering up. these points they want the format they bring. Logically this sub-sector completely finishing system and only the current image of the PKK into the hands rides. East and Southeast study centers and in the reading room of our young people the energy to the right spot channeled If we can not evil focus them to different points directs. Consequently None of us can not remove. you these points to close these people into PKK's arms at you are."

Notice from the Government surrenders before him Classroom" comments for.


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