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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 17:17

Notice from the Office of the Prosecutor Yerköy Citizen

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Yerköy of the Prosecutor, he warned citizens against fraudsters .

Yerköy of the Prosecutor, he warned citizens against fraudsters .
police from anyone contour and ask for money stating that Yerköy of the Prosecutor, in doubtful cases 155 police emergency line searchable asked.
themselves police, the prosecutor or the military , such as introducing citizens unjustly phone scams citizens believe that you need to prosecution persuasion strong unfortunately, many citizens said he believed the crooks . Yerköy recently in 0212 in Istanbul with the area code of callers reproduce the recorded statement contained the following information was given:
\"Our district recently usually 0212 area code of the numbers , including telephone call themselves if a company's employees posing as the people themselves, for insurance is made and account money is withdrawn for this reason credit card numbers not in the form of a refund will be made with the promise of card numbers to demand and credit cards money pulling our citizens to victimize are . credit card details personalized data and especially by telephone shared with anyone should be prevented. credit card information to share mean your wallet money you've never met people entrusted with are equivalent. credit card information that you share these jobs when they want they want some money from your account may be . therefore victimization does not happen you on behalf of the phone call himself who introduced himself as if introduced , you do not know these people never send money , credit card details and any other card information share . We are also requesting that the call immediately complained to the judicial authorities . \"

Notice from the Office of the Prosecutor Yerköy Citizen" comments for.


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