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  • 15 Eylül 2014, Pazartesi 11:55

Notice should be given to Backpack

Notice should be given to Backpack
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Memorial Antalya Hospital officials at the Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist Dr.

Antalya news: Memorial Antalya Hospital officials at the Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist Dr. October at Feria , decorated , heavy backpacks in school due to the use of pain associated with common warned .
of backpack load on the body's strongest muscles , indicating that it was designed to distribute Specialist Dr. Feria October and fancy , \"However, this case appropriate use of the variety of situations muscles, joints and nerve damage depending on their pain and numbness may occur. For this reason, families intervals children's neck and back pain, questioning whether it is important . Pain as well get numbness and tingling in the presence necessarily a experts should be consulted , \"he said .
heavy school bag with shoulder strap for moving unilaterally cause muscle strain that expresses specialist Dr. Feria October , decorated , said:\"In particular, the neck grew faster during the ages of one hand or shoulder carrying bags, spine left or right tilt (scoliosis ) , such as posture prepare the ground are . Handbags suspended long and loose and if the body's center of gravity to the rear shift as a result of lumbar muscle overload and pain leads . consideration is not received at older ages in the spine existing physiological curvatures due to damage low back pain occurs. \"
bag hANGERS thinner Nerve injury, INCLUDES
bag shoulder strap of the fine occurs and if there is a heavy bag with the pressure on the nerves in the hand and arm injury as a result of nerves seen in pain and numbness Experts said Dr. Feria October and fancy , he said:
\"heavy bag carrying or single-sided carrying case and neck muscle tension , neck pain and tension headaches can. Especially heavy and improper backpack carrying and step or stair climbing the case strain and pain in the muscles in the legs can be seen. \"
STUDENTS weight of the backpacks should be proportional to the weight
Specialist Dr. Feria October and fancy backpack with the child's weight percent of 10 to 15 in should not exceed recalling that said:\"This primary school children for the 3-5 kilograms and for high school students a maximum of 8 kilograms . The school because the child carries a heavy load if the teacher or school administration talk to alleviate ways should be sought. backpack heavy goods bag back side facing the light ones back away from the throttle , small and lightweight purse into the pockets can be placed . weight bags right and left must be assigned equally . especially elementary school children if at all possible wheeled backpacks should be preferred . \"
shoulder straps MUST BE LARGE AND SOFT
wide shoulder strap and soft formed in the bag on the shoulder , indicating that helps evenly distribute the load Specialist Dr. Feria October and fancy , he said:
\"narrow and stiff shoulder straps of muscle to specific points of the weight riding as a result of circulatory disorders and pain can cause . Bag hangers , children on the shoulders properly situating must be set . Handbags load is added again suspension settings by checking the load adequately support should be ensured . Children backpack appropriate use should be trained . abuse of the neck and spine damage should be informed about . backpack when moving from lying correctly accustomed to children should be warned . Additionally neck and back muscles develop and strengthen the children's active or exercise should be provided . \"

Notice should be given to Backpack" comments for.


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