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  • 18 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 11:26

Notification Driver Safety has çerkezköy

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Tekirdag Cerkezkoy County Police Department's Traffic Control Bureau in the county by bus drivers who transport students for service information seminars have been held.

Tekirdag Cerkezkoy County Police Department's Traffic Control Bureau in the county by bus drivers who transport students for service information seminars have been held.
seminars held at the House Cerkezkoy Cerkezkoy Police District Police Chief Murat Ogan Cerkezi County Police Department Traffic Audit Bureau Chief Ekrem Flowers joined . Safety Manager Murat Ogan , objectives 2014-2015 academic season seamlessly to complete emphasizing that, \"You laws and regulations act as long as you no shortage will occur. Hopefully 2014-2015 academic year, no problem before they occur will complete . Students move us brings a distinct roles and responsibilities . guys will not get the problem occurs if you are careful and thoughtful . rules while respecting student transportation can provide a healthy way , \"he said .
alerting the driver to comply with the rules Ogden Police Chief , the school bus school bus vehicles a special permit issued by municipalities and school service vehicle maintenance and repair should be taken of follow-up form , he said . Members of the police as the laws and regulations transport to take place , adding that the Ogan , \"During this period, the family-police-school management and driver shopkeepers in cooperation that we , in solving problems will contribute greatly . Students engaged in the transport driver trades in a sense, education contributes . 2 013 296 in vehicle has been checked and the related various penalties were applied. 2,014 in the year 182 vehicles were checked , \"he said.
\" NOTICE AUDIT will give priority to \"
County Police Department Traffic Supervision Bureau Chief Ekrem Flowers , the driver in the transportation trades students gave information about laws and regulations in force . Civil notice inspections will focus on the Commissioner Flowers , \"school vehicle stopped in the plates should be. Past year vehicles driver of the smoke that we could hear . Students in front of a smoker of chauffeurs supposed to be . Delicate crossroads , especially in many places non-notice inspection will give priority to . Each vehicle must control will be subjected . Apart from complaints or routine inspections the vehicle and the driver will be supervised , \"he said .
in vehicles directory should be taken , he stressed Flower, \"the students sits in the seat belts must be connected . instruments schools in vehicle stop sign should be . past school year seven car muayenesizlik penalty is cut . Student service for a very serious number. their supposed to be . professionally engaged in this work and examination of various transactions automatically needs to be monitored . improper tools for the punishment will continue our . schools where parents and parent-teacher associations return're doing . Speed ​​on the subject of complaints are coming . The driver of the speed of the track will make will give priority to applications . You also do not want to live grievances in this regard . Our goal is not to write sentences , students arrive safely is to go to school . I want to look like everyone to the event . Students to take passengers to other services \"warnings found in .
Given to the safety of the driver question and answer session after the seminar ended .

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