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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 15:49

November 1 Walking in Bitlis

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Group and press release after the march organized under security measures Tatvan district of Bitlis was dispersed without incident .

Bitlis news: Photo hdp'n about 5 thousand people gathered in Tatvan call after curfew , met in front of the BDP building for walks . Party addressed the Democratic Regions A crowd gathered on behalf of the Group ( DBP ) Can M. President Bitlis Province Iron, \"There is no way there will be no excesses. We broke make press release after making our Parade. In contrast, the group of rowdy makers or a place to personally ourselves intervention if damaging we will , \"he said .
along Cumhuriyet Caddesi walking group , Tatvan Life has made ​​a press statement in front of the shopping center . Police under intense security measures BITLIS-HDK-HDP-DTK-DBP-MEA-DER , Kurd-Der , DP-DER , IHD, IMAM on-DER , read the press release on behalf KESKIN groups Democratic Party of Regions ( DBP ) President of Bitlis Province M. John Smith , \"World Kopani day on the occasion calls here once again the government and we warn . anyway Turkic republics to Turkey , Turks in Western Thrace anyway , Turkish Cypriots fortunately he also Kopani for us. Kobani'yi approach to democratic solution in Turkey talks and approach to the peace process. nobody Kurds must demonstrate to resist the power of the test you dare. nobody but nobody should test the patience of the Kurds . Kopani is the heart of Kurdistan. every shot fired at Kobani'yi humanity in the person of each of the Kurds , is sprayed on human values ​​. Kopani human equality , has been the symbol of freedom and democracy values. Rojav revolution is female revolution. Rojav revolution that prisoners of sovereign powers , enemies of the people had that freedom , equality, and is hoping to live together within a democratic system. Rojav revolution humanity has lost the struggle for survival of humanity lose in value. Kopani fell by date resisting those who live the dream will fall nameless heroes, must answer gave , \"he said. Photo Kurdish-speaking HDPE Bitlis Deputy Hüsamettin The Zenderlioğl , is the day the unity of the day , he said noting Kurds epic resistance exhibited by language Kobani'de . < br/> the group was dispersed without incident after the press statement explained . disperse crowds in which some children police squib take on the go with the announcement , calling the masses to police group administrator , otherwise said they would intervene . after the conversation between the police and the group managers mass was dispersed without incident .

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