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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 10:43

\"November 10, Atatürk \"Photo Exhibition

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In Adana , the Great Leader Atatürk's death anniversary 76 Erkan College and organized in collaboration with the optimum AVM \"November 10, Atatürk \"photo exhibition opened to the impression.

Adana news: Photo Teachers, students and parents at the memorial ceremony with the participation of hours bulunulup homage to 09.05't Turkish flag flew at half mast . Specifying the meaning and significance of the day, there were speeches describing the great leader , read poems . Photo School has drawn together the visual arts teacher and student , Atatürk's the opening of an exhibition that included various newspaper clippings about 200 pictures death from birth Adana pine District Director of Education Seyhan Steel , Erkan College, a private Erkan Anatolian High School , Special Erkan Health Professions High School administrators, teachers , students , parents, guests and Optimum Mall manager was held with the participation of and visitors . Yellow pine speaking at a Photo Opening Ceremony County Director of Education Seyhan Steel , celebrating the exhibition at those who contributed , \"National education community in the heritage of the great leader Atatürk , dark illuminating light to the hair is the largest community. Ataturk's republic of teachers entrusted it today and we are in the belief that preserves the best of the next generation \"he said. also
Erkan College of General Coordinator İzzettin Yüzçelik , in 76 of the deaths headteacher Ataturk wistfully , said they remembered with great respect .
first day hundreds of people toured the exhibition , the great leader with a photograph of Ataturk , arranged in a way 50 meters in length \"İzindeyiz \"drew the attention of a placard invited. Many visitors to the exhibition , \"İzindeyiz \"way was taking a souvenir photograph . Photo exhibition will remain open until November 16 evening , visitors will get to pen their thoughts and feelings were placed in a special book.

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