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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 09:46

November 10 posts from Business Education

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Education Business Kilis Representative our Tuncay Cain has released a message due November 10th Commemoration of Atatürk Atatürk Week.

Kilis news: Photo Kilis Representative Tuncay Camız with that independence and freedom struggle was fought against the imperialist occupation , the occupied all the nations hope and leaders had achieved the rebirth from the ashes of a nation with the revolution made ​​by establishing the most modern and independent state of the era in which we have been entrusted to Great revolutionary Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the love in the year 76 of the separation, said respect and longing that .
Education Business church representatives Tuncay Camız Ataturk , thoughts, achievements, works in excess of the era he lived with the principles and revolutions , and each period, expressed as a great leader keeping its actuality , \"Peters foresight, peace-loving attitude, the world is familiar with the facts of , the importance given to human values ​​, universal dimension of thought, Ataturk is one of the world's greatest leaders yapmıştır.o , knowledge, love , tolerance , pacifism , and is a leading example of all mankind respect the democratic personality. Great leader Atatürk , the country and have not succumb to the impossibility in which the nations with stable and resistant attitude has brought victory by directing the Turkish people independent Turkey in line with the ideals . Great Atatürk's ignorance , dogma and started to fight back against underdevelopment , universal values ​​of our nation and assimilation has been achieved through adoption of modern life in a short time . His role it played in the liberation and modernization of our country is large enough to give direction to the flow of history . Atatürk to humanity as well as our nation has been the producer. Ataturk , a lone soldier , far-sighted not a statesman , but also a great revolutionary thoughts and contemporary which was established by the adamıdır.o great revolutionary , secular, democratic Although it has been fully independent Republic of Turkey of the organization since its 91 years of imperialist powers Him the Republic of Turkey is thought to have established and continue to attack the Empire. Photo Unfortunately, Mustafa Kemal country we entrust to us is through the most troublesome and difficult process in the history of the Republic today . In this process, to labor, our future , scientific education , secular democratic Republic of us and the achievements of our Republic , national independence, our and our integrity, attacks on the judicial independence and social law state has reached alarming proportions , \"he said . Photo Cain , our continued his speech as follows:Photo \"for 12 years our country and the imperialist powers that govern the demands of international capital , the state offers all the institutions and resources to their service . He aka our forehead against the great revolutionary and friends, our heads if we want to get erect , common problems living , with common concerns, of all those who share common hopes since the gerekmektedir.y in movement and high responsibility and sense of duty in this process , circulating through our solidarity shoulder to shoulder and multiply country to disperse the dark clouds ; our people happy , free , humane and fraternal ensure that as a nation we need to do to be able to live our common goal of olmalıdır.bug , Supreme Leader's life , thoughts, to teach the principles and revolutions to future generations in all aspects. Ataturk is the best way to commemorate and understand budur.inanıy We , the Turkish nation, modern, democratic , secular and social state of law which our republic to preserve forever and keep alive kararlıdır.büt Education Business who are teachers of the Republic , the same determination Atatürk and undaunted struggle against the enemies of the Republican revolution edeceklerdir.türk Nation has not forgotten and will not forget Ataturk . \"

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