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  • 08 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 16:08

November 10th Commemoration of Atatürk

November 10th Commemoration of Atatürk
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United Confederation of Unions of Employees in the Public Bilecik Representative Mustafa Aksu, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's death was due to broadcast a message 76'nc year .

Bilecik news: Photo Aksu , message , Atatürk ; the world's most characterful, most patriotic , most milletsev , most progressive , most revolutionary , most Democrats , he said that the most courageous people. Mustafa Aksu, \"Ataturk, the Dardanelles , in Gallipoli , in Sakarya , in Dumlupinar , showed heroism in Kocatepe , epics, he wrote , by spearheading accurate and stable way to the Turkish nation , our nation has fought against seven cleats combining the same purpose and gained full over the parts of the crumbling Ottoman independent , free , national sovereignty and is a leader who founded the Republic of Turkey , based on modern law . Because Ataturk, not only established the Republic of Turkey , for the completion of our nation building process , in order to remain ignorant citizens, our industrialization , for our development , inter-regional and to eliminate inequality between citizens, thinking , questioning, criticizing , which is open to criticism , democrats , patriots , to develop productive citizens, future generations of languages ​​, history , to learn the culture , to increase our social progress and affluence , our nation to remove on the level of contemporary civilization , beliefs , ideas and advocacy to live freely , political , administrative , educational, health , law, agriculture , economics, made ​​breakthroughs in the field of culture . Won democratic rights of our citizens . Our Business Confederation of United Public Ataturk Kemalist Thought and walking towards the light and will continue to struggle in this line of work , \"he said.

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