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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 10:01

November 12 anniversary of the Düzce Earthquake

November 12 anniversary of the Düzce Earthquake
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Düzce Mayor Mehmet Keles, hence the 15th anniversary of the November 12, 1999 earthquake released a message.

Düzce news: \"Düzce of darkness , mud , recover from the despair was bestowed on us \"President Keles said \"We ruined , but we did not give up . We're working hard . We made a living city again Düzce. We serve to force Düzce we receive from Smiling eyes \"gave expression to the place . < Br/> Düzce Mayor Mehmet Keles, \"17 August after our province earthquake rocked again by a second earthquake of 7 2 magnitude in the same year. after the second disaster in which he lived could heal the wounds of the Düzce which lost hope after the 17 August earthquake nobody believed .
the pain, the tears , the one full of fear process , destroyed only Düzce happened. Düzceli our compatriots were caught in great despair . Soil of , son of the supposed no longer hope to duzceli who lost their homeland to live in the future. thankfully Düzce of darkness , mud , recover from the despair was bestowed on us . Yes, we've destroyed but undaunted . we work hard. we made a living city of Düzce again . we have to force the service we receive from Düzce Smiling eyes . we strengthen our Photo Infrastructure. We illuminate the darkness again Düzce . We introduce Düzce natural gas. Thousands of our citizens in cooperation with TOKI have made the host. No stone on stone , the Düzce of trees , the pool , the park , we crossed the flowers. We only give importance to infrastructure works. We give new life to the people of our Düzce. We introduce social belediyecilikle Düzce . Concerts, conferences, exhibitions we organized . We have established our film Plateau. The only thing we could not do was to bring back our close we lost in the earthquake . Despite the pain of loved ones we were able to heal the wounds of the earthquake in the best way . Now the Düzce earthquake killed our son with you , their families , the best way dedication on behalf of our common future will try to be able to trust. In the past we did it together , we did it together , we'll do it again. November 12 commemorates the 15 th anniversary of the earthquake Earthquake martyrs mercy , our nation from Almighty Allah, I wish to live like this any more pain , \"he said .

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