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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 14:23

November 12 anniversary of the Düzce Earthquake

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Düzce Mayor Mehmet Keles, the Düzce infrastructure , the equipment , and the law adopted in the field of construction safety regulations old said he was ready for more earthquakes .

Düzce news: Photo November 12 earthquake rescue bag even non-Düzce Municipality longer Keles , underlining that they have a lot of equipment , the symposium will be held and workshop to the public said they plan to more awareness . anniversary of
November 12 Duzce earthquakes by Düzce Municipality a photo exhibition was organized and rescue equipment . Düzce Mayor Mehmet Keles who inaugurated the exhibition stressed that lessons from past experiences with this tragedy removed. Mehmet President commemorates those who died in the earthquake at the beginning of his speech Keles \"experienced an incident may be called Duzce disaster. I wish condolences after 15 years of passing your Düzceli fellowman. I wish God have mercy on the deceased . I was serving as fire chief at that time the Istanbul Municipality . Istanbul Municipality'the help I coordinate their activities. we strive to save lives with the warmth of the event in the first place . this time, cost recovery, and has turned into the back of wonder building we we can bring a little more undamaged state struggle. People are slowly earthquake forgets . Feds lagging behind the pain . Life is going way to normal and continue goes on , \"he said . Photo Keles, with laws and regulations stipulating the structure of security , robust infrastructure, voicing Düzce get ready than before the earthquake , said:\"However, things are also not to be forgotten . for example, we were a fault fracture has six municipal and this energy will come again one day on, we have to remember on the Düzce earthquake can produce in 7 sizes. There are laws and regulations that we have prepared in accordance with the earthquake. We know that they are very caring and we do need to act accordingly. We know that one should not continually stretched . Earthquake kills taught us this truth rotten buildings , kills appropriate sample to the unused material. Poor cement and missing anchor but we have built ourselves grave. \"Photo 1999 earthquake rescue airbag even non-Düzce Municipality today Keles expression that has a lot of equipment , the words continued as follows:\"To a smart move in Düzce You have to . We provide a few more times to control the security structure of the building after the earthquake . Therefore, we have prepared more than ever today said the earthquake . I remember those days, nor what Düzce Municipality Municipality of Istanbul did not even have a recovery airbags. But today, cutting , sorting devices, search detectors, removing a lot of cushion within our existing rescue apparatus . We're training our staff on the use of these devices. We create our infrastructure according to the earthquake the city. \"After visiting the Photo Exhibition Fire Director Mehmet Caner Parker gave information about rescue equipment.

November 12 anniversary of the Düzce Earthquake" comments for.


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