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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 15:03

November 9 Thanks to Governor Altıparmak

November 9 Thanks to Governor Altıparmak
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Erzurum Governor Dr.

Erzurum news: Ahmet Altiparmak November 9, Bastion Platform leadership of this year 2 have performed \"We Are Marching to the Heroes ancestors of our Memoriam bastion \"of the call , Erzurum said he found a strong echo in public. Issued a message of thanks on behalf of the Platform
November 9 bastion Governor Dr. Altiparmak , said ; \"Walking was performed on a noble poise and dignity befitting Erzurum. 9 November Heroes Erzurum People Eid prayer time Ayaz Pasha salami Mosque muezzin is read by Osman Bedrettin have flocked to once again duymuşça the redoubt . From all sectors of society and children of all ages , young , the elderly , Erzurum with men and women of the people, Azizia heroic ancestors of the fallen and veterans killed in vulnerable 137 years later occurred once again the event mention the great excitement of puberty is experienced in time and space . Erzurum people so that date, the last to come out with their national and spiritual values this year has shown the whole world as it is in . we have as our soul establishing our Photo Republic to be seen once again manifested that all the people were very excited . including our late first Efficacy ownership in all of Erzurum as a special day will be a gain on behalf of our city. this event pass consolidate our brotherhood and our national sense of movement each year even with a strong participation in the wish to maintain \"we Are Marching to the Heroes ancestors of our Memoriam Bastion \"all public institutions and organizations supporting this event activities, particularly members of the organized November 9, Bastion Platform, non-governmental organizations the subject of the press in our country and historical value to the agenda which I offer my sincere thanks to the people of Erzurum the owner with such a feeling. \"

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