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  • 21 Aralık 2013, Cumartesi 22:52

Number of people killed in the accident was 11

Number of people killed in the accident was 11
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Properly Kayseri Governor Orhan, who died in a traffic accident in Kayseri, the number goes to 11, he said.

Kayseri news: Properly Kayseri Governor Orhan, who died in a traffic accident in Kayseri, the number goes to 11, he said. For information about the wounded
Erciyes University Medical Faculty Hospital, the Kayseri Governor Orhan smooth, spoke about the accident. Smooth,"Accidents, overturning the result of an accident has occurred. Accidental wounded our Kayseri hospitals, treatment continues. Currently still 31 injured have. Sorry hospital wounded coming from the heavier of the three also died. Currently deceased citizens Number 11 ' rose. 8 was, you know. Currently, 31 wounded of treatment in hospitals continues. course event 16:50 queues was. too short a period of time within 3 minutes of our 112 service we reached there. But of course earn occurrence because many gencimizin scene died we learned that . hospitals still reach before. Gross nation's head to get right. injured all of the identification was made. deceased 11 of our citizens, the identification was made. others identification work continues. printed on them identity because it is not. So in Turkey from all over the students that continue to makes. Additionally the 112 emergency service to the scene after receipt coming from behind again, Nigde University student carrying a Midibuses 112 emergency service driver nor by multiplying injuries caused. currently severely injured condition is. emergency healing wish"he said.
involved in accidents second midibus the first casualty of the victims citizens butter be more likely to save the Governor properly,"112 Our team of crime scene reaches. ambulance drivers also already coming from behind midi-slamming, causing injury been. Meanwhile subject some students in the 2 bus's arrival caused to be crushed may be the case. about her eyewitness testimony regarding the security directorate of traffic, our teams work continues. because the vehicle only result of the overthrow such a high number of dead is expected to be hope. behind the second vehicle's first overturning the results from the vehicle dash those influence may be the case,"he said.
"wounded FAMILIES will place"
injured in the accident of citizens for families in Kayseri guests to places they would said Governor Properly ,"Patients 'relatives to stay for a few guesthouses we've set. Teachers in the House, Hisarcık at the guest house and the Credit and Dormitories Institution in the patients' relatives can stay. every kind of tools and equipment and clothing needs We supply. this subject in need and future patients Near the 122 number phone to refer thereto by means can apply,"he said.
accident involved midibus Since 2011 scientific examination done Noting that properly,"Unfortunately beginning of each semester the You are cautioned. winter season when the device drivers are cautioned. Seasons of the preparation according to the required maintenance taking tell them to. But unfortunately scientific examination in the year 2011 held since the traffic teams have found,"he said.

Number of people killed in the accident was 11" comments for.


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