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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 10:01

Number of refugees in Kütahya Reached 700 Thousand

Number of refugees in Kütahya Reached 700 Thousand
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Governor Serif Yilmaz, Kütahya said that 700 thousand refugees .

Kütahya news:
HAYMANA Yilmaz attended the dinner organized by the International Student Association , the students some advice .
Kütahya foreign 709 close students thousand 700 refugees Yilmaz Governor expressed that , \"The number of students in the city from 5-6 people today reached a number over 700 . with the development of the university , this number will increase further . that is why the people living in this province we need to create a dialogue to establish this empathy. so far, thankfully our province, both with students , as well as 700 thousand people around our refugee I would like to no shortage without yaşıyoruz.z from time to time shortage living our friends associations after the ingenuity with solutions buluyoruz.b every time I'd find the solution to your troubles we are with you here stated. that by also my experience abroad benefit I want to recommend to humbly to you . you work on time to your course you have to see education, training , because your family is sending undergoing the financial burden for you here , it's completed your studies in the process very good use of your time in return would be in your own country or be somewhere else , but where you have gone no longer your own business if you go . When you go where your country's çalışın.yar to see if they have what you need to see in Turkey during the period you try to transfer this if you have something applied here is good , \"he said .
Protocol speeches after Dumlupınar University of the 53 countries that see education in different parts of 709 students took part in the meal Governor Sheriff Yilmaz, chatting with students listened to their requests and problems .
HAYMANA a dinner organized by the International student Association , Mayor Kamil Saracoglu, Dumlupınar University Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Karaaslan , Kütahya Public Hospitals Association General Secretary dr.mithat Planters , HAYMANA President Mohammad Iqbal International Student Association Agenda , NGO representatives , students and invited guests attended . (EFA)


Number of refugees in Kütahya Reached 700 Thousand" comments for.


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