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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 16:42

Nurettin Division Reassures

Nurettin Division Reassures
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Karabük Union of Chambers of Tradesmen and Artisans Nurettin Division at the ordinary general assembly , renewed confidence.

Karabük news: Karabük Union of Chambers of Tradesmen and Artisans Nurettin Division at the ordinary general assembly , renewed confidence.
Karabuk Union of Chambers of Tradesmen and Artisans of youth have 6 Ordinary General Meeting was held in the central hall . One candidate in the elections to go with Nurettin Division confidence.
Intensive participation in the general meeting to be ; Karabük Deputy Governor Tarkan Sharp, Development Deputy Minister Mehmet Ceylan , Family and Social Policy Ministry Counsel Republic Unal, TSO President Sadat Namal , TSO Parliamentary Deputy Chairman Adnan Çebi , Police Director Dr . Serhat is Tezsev , Safranbolu Mayor Dr . Necdet Aksoy, Gaziantep Craftsmen and Arts Chambers Union ( GESOB ) President Omar Küsbeoğl trades with rooms Presidents , politicians , and professional members participated.
Pursuant to the Agenda of Board beginning with the General Assembly Presiding the GESOB President Omar Küsbeoğl did. < Br/> formation of the Council after the congress members addressed to the speaking Nurettin division , they represent the community any street action and misbehavior take place in the state's warm affection enough to feel even if it has its good and bad days always been next to an organization's representatives said they were .
Divisional in his speech, also , \"artisans and craftsmen our handcraft and its own capital and makes his living from the state seeks nothing but the government's social responsibility itself and the next by hiring employees , reducing the economy, providing added value and percent of the population 15-20 accounted constituting is a collection of a large family . Showcase do not wish to appear in the humble and knows the responsibility that represents tradesmen and artisans working to solve the problems of the public eyes filled with observations and accurate decisions can pax respected . Being with you and together we make managerial honored and proud to serve . Artisans and craftsmen throughout history and bend to their problems is not successful local and country managers are seen . Karabük tradesmen and artisans, craftsmen and artisans of our problems in our country are not able to keep separate from the problem . These are some of our problems at the local level , some problems to be solved on the basis of the government lArImIzIdIr . Opening a business license, posting advertising tax , market license , cafes and entertainment tax , capacity, route and stops some issues such as taxes , especially at the local level are our problems to be solved with the mayor . In the tax system of injustice , workplace, opening supply and demand based on lack of informality prevented, SSI, Bağkur high occurs , the regional VAT is not applied , hyper and super markets law çıkmayış , retirees and business on the hungry ones cut social security support premium are , for road transport the law is not applied and the tonnage limitation lack of problems, such as national base in our problems , \"he said .
Development Deputy Minister Mehmet Ceylan trades sector for themselves in is very important , saying,\"Dear Chairman Nurettin Division and team Karabuk chance. Trades represented in the best possible way by cutting a good dialogue with institutions and organizations are revealing within . When you visit them think ETTS are not capable of building services . Union of Chambers of Tradesmen karabük building a better service I hope to regain . In the eyes of both the government and the ministry will do my part . Every time this help and ready for dialogue , \"he said .
Karabuk Chamber of Commerce and Sedat Namal , the Tradesmen and Craftsmen Show with the Chamber of Commerce by one sister institutions , saying,\"After that the room the President together with our Karabük future at the point of industrialists , businessmen and our our tradesmen what they want , how to trade in Karabük want to be governed , and how they will put on the table . Our political in advanced democracies selected first after the trade and by visiting esanf room for them what they can do down on the table by the extraction of rules and laws and codes them . In this application Karabük Mayor us and directed us to our people together, putting forth these rules will do better service . We also have some problems about our own building , but I hope the General Directorate of National Real Estate're buying a place . Here we do our building all our rooms under the same roof we would like to and I hope this basic short on time we will take , \"he said .
Congress also previously for many years in various rooms of the Presidency of those who have made their contribution plaques were given .
Single list and attended Division by 77 votes in the election , the current Chairman Nurettin reassuring the new board was composed of the following names:\"Hüseyin Kılıç , Syed Ahmed hysterectomy, Muammar fumes and stylish Victorious . \"

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