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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 12:40

Nuri Dede's Road Ends Longing

Nuri Dede's Road Ends Longing
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15 years in Malatya road leading to the house you want to be a citizen who , years later, to finally reaching ambitions .

Malatya news: Karahalil sitting on the street in the neighborhood was Kanalüs
Tec Okyay 15 years of Mehmet Nuri way to resolve the problem of shortage was reported .
Yesilyurt Mayor Says Thank Haji Nuri Okyay Uğur Polat said:
\"About 15 years before Tec in the Kanalüs was Karahalil street house did. the same time on the same street a few houses had more . road is steep and rocky due too have suffered . houses to the front vehicle to come to need home our goods as well as household needs when we brought back our move we had to . I'm 78 years old. this therefore very difficult period we lived. way our vehicles to pass , opening up we are very happy. \"
Central District Yesilyurt Tec in Quarter Mukhtar Ali Yigit ,\"our Neighborhood residents Mehmet Nuri Okyay troubles Yesilyurt Mayor Haji Ugur Polat orally've passed . Problems Mayor pilgrims who place our uncle Uğur Polat, Mehmet Nuri this annoyance will soon recover and will open the way he said. Mayor Hacı Mehmet Uğur Polat, Nuri Okyay subject has followed closely and resolve the problem of road is 15 years , \"he said.

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