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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 10:34

Nuri Sahin Galatasaray Description

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German team Borussia Dortmund's Nuri Sahin captain , had received an offer from Galatasaray in the past and said he wanted to play in the league Turkey .

İstanbul news: Photo of After about 5 months of disability form to return to the field again holding a national player Nuri Sahin , spoke to the Stadium TRT 1 program . Şahin stated that want to experience the derby in Turkey air , announced that it had offered in the past period of Galatasaray .
\" derby want to live the AIR \"Photo dream in the Borussia Dortmund win the Champions League trophy stated that the talented player, \"then I want to play in Turkey league . I am a Turk . I want to live in there air of derby . Skibbe and Feldkamp time I received an offer from Galatasaray ,\"he said .
\" US UNCLE Galatasaray mADE \"Photo is of fanatical Galatasaray uncle and he also specifies that Galatasaray Falcon,\"Galatasaray , when he won the UEFA Cup, he could hear children sympathy generation. My uncle is a fanatical Galatasaray . us nor did he Galatasaray but at the moment I'm sympathetic to a team no . so I Galatasaray , Trabzonspor , I go Bursaspor can not say . state of the club for me that day conditions important , \"he said .
\" NATIONAL TEAMS PLAYING WELL iS ANYONE THERE \"Photo of the performance of the national team underlines the need to upgrade the Falcon, \"we have a chance to enter the European Championships we can carry less , but up until the last game. I can not say I played very well in the national team . I'm an open person to criticism. Currently no one in the national team playing well . We all have a fault. Put our hands under the stone , we need to upgrade our performance , \"he said .
\"Galatasaray \" I have VERY COMFORTABLE NEW \"Photo Champions League in which they received a very comfortable victory against Galatasaray national footballer, he continued as follows:Photo \"are not good in the Bundesliga , when you lose 1-2 games in a row we are experiencing a psychological collapse . When we eat goals, we are going to lose points again'repression occurs. In the Champions League, and vice versa. We took a goal puts us up . I would say that we have received in a very comfortable match we play with Galatasaray win. \"Photo Experienced players also Spor Toto Süper most admired players in the league , he said Olcay Sahan .

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