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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 17:47

Nürnberg in Antalya Journalists ...

Nürnberg in Antalya Journalists ...
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Antalya Journalists Association , which is a partner of 10 years, first as President of Isparta Nürnberg Journalists Journalists Association organized in the framework of the program for themselves Sevket AGC Karahan Egirdir`s guests were hosted .

Antalya news: Burundi Journalists'Association also participated in the visit to the president of neighboring provinces . Photo is spinning in visits to the Municipal German journalists, President Omar Şengöl from the lake, tourism , the apple ; Our information aldı.al bearing colleagues about the area such as fishing made ​​TV footage and interviews , saying plenty of photo pulling in the newspapers they work Egirdir`s and they contribute Antalya's the best way to be introduced. to commemorate the
President Şengöl day to the German guests crystal apple as a gift . German Journalists indicating those living in Egirdir`s they are very lucky , themselves AGC leadership in saying that Antalya presence of the chance that emphatically reflected in the journalists of the municipalities of the province they live in brotherhood, brothers municipal studies have pointed out that after further developed. Photo Nürnberg delegation Belt Mayor in the second day of the trip , Mustafa Gul's home Cirali ownership , Olympus, after visiting the historic ruins such as Phaselis gave a rest break in Ulupınar . Photo AGC AND NUREMBERG PRESSE CULÜB 10 < strong> bROTHERHOOD ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATING Photo AGC President Mevlut new , Nürnberger Presse Culüb with AGC for 10 years no one can not do the fraternal relationship at which successful said they walked \"Our goal is to improve the cultural cooperation between the two countries and also the two cities, our country and contribute to the promotion of our Antalya , located on the mutual exchange of information with our colleagues , to support tourism to some extent in terms of promotion is our greatest desire . In this sense 10.Kardeşlik year we live in Nürnberg colleagues our contributors within which we prepare programs Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Turel A , ACCI President Çetin Osman Budak , engaged perfect host Sherwood Brezees hotel owner sn.has Ali Ceylan, President of Isparta Journalists Association Thanks to our guests ederiz.cumartesi up sn.şevket Karahan tour of our colleagues , also to be held on November 14, AgCl \"Freedom of the Press \"panel and our brotherhood year 10'nunc night will be held on the same night . Following our visit and will continue our work , \"he said .

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