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  • 20 Ağustos 2014, Çarşamba 14:35

Nurten Yüksel'Tear Duct'was created

Nurten Yüksel'Tear Duct'was created
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For the first time in Kütahya tear ducts creating a patient discomfort were treated .

Kütahya news: For the first time in Kütahya tear ducts creating a patient discomfort were treated . Celebi Evmi
Dumlupınar University Training and Research Hospital , a patient with congenital lacrimal duct Eye Disease Specialist Asst. Assoc. Dr. We have the right Hadji Murat was created by the surgery, a new tear duct .
Perform surgery Eye Disease Specialist Asst. Assoc. Dr.hac Murat right , we \"World in Turkey and rare tear duct birth are not 54 years of our patients Nurtan Yuksel treatment and materials completely our state to meet a channel tube and tear ducts have created . Patients on us from birth in his eyes, the watery complaint was admitted . physical examination of the patient tears the nose that transmits lacrimal duct where there was found in this case connect our patients a new tear duct creation operation was planned and successfully applied. patient hereinafter complaints did not happen and a healthy eye function more etmektedir.gözyaş eye under the covers the glands is produced by . eyes dry and nutrition for the tear is required. secreted tears, lacrimal and channels with the nasal cavity is reached. channels for any reason, obstruction of tears to flow out so watery causes and the patient can be uncomfortable. eye tear ducts If left untreated, obstruction of lacrimal duct , and can be full of germs . Of patients with watery eyes and ocular discharge examination by an eye specialist önerilmektedir.ayrı tears duct obstruction and three methods of treatment are always treated with surgery . Ekternal stitched classic method called DSR has the highest chance of success . Opened the intranasal method called endoscopic DCR and DSR lasers in recent years has started to be implemented . With a tear in diseases All surgeries in our hospital are performed successfully , \"he said .
\" Maybe I was blind I'd \"
Treatment see the Nurtan Yüksel , \"We are certain things we do not know we took this time to grind so much . Get it right in my eyes my doctor that my condition improved over the problem , he said. Thankfully not go anywhere without my treatment I was in Kütahya . Even if I tear my channel bilmiyordum.'çok a rare disease? I say ,lack ?'Let me say that I had . Fortunately, doctors now are very good, they take care of everything , and I've no charge . God bless them and our state . Maybe in the future so everyone can hear it now blind olacaktım.b career , I want to read . Kütahyamız a lot of things have changed always here before the hospital came to our situation learning , as before, that here everything is done want them to know , \"he said .
Nurtan Yüksel get past their patients and doctors conducting Hadji Murat Sağdık congratulations to the Secretary General Dr. Mithat Ekici, \"Dumlupınar University Training and Research Hospital, Kütahya Evliya Çelebi has developed itself . Both devices both in terms of staff has come way too . Very valuable in our hospital doctors and health workers are available. We follow those who they know can not be previously done a lot of transactions and the operation is no longer easily .Hep our hospital first , because first we call these operations previously yapılamıyordu here . Now too many procedures and surgeries can be performed successfully in hospitals of Kütahya . Turkey is one of the few hospitals in the region and succeeded. We want our people do not follow us . Required from the press , both our social networking sites , as well as our official web page we are reaching . Those of us who çalışalım.ins to solving the problems that are experienced victimization , while our facilities . A new generation of healthy living and healthy you want to get . I thank all my colleagues and my team , \"he said.

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