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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 12:56

Nusret in Kadikoy on display

Nusret in Kadikoy on display
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Canakkale Naval Victory plays an important role in winning the built Nusrat Minelayer faithful, the vessel was opened to the citizens in Kadikoy.

6 days in Istanbul, which will be plenty of citizens who came to visit the ship posed for a souvenir photo.

puddles Naval Shipyard faithful are being built on 9 October 2009, and opened to visitors on 18 March 2011 38.8-meter-long ship TCG Nusret Kadikoy harbor on display. Nusret first introduced to the press by officials then opened to the citizens. Nusret visiting some of the citizens who exhibited ship souvenir photo taken.

the opening of the ship's visit, the Turkish maritime history page, forming a unique maritime victory at Çanakkale all sectors, including children and young people aims to promote. The ship will be exhibited until September 4 Kadikoy said.

ABOUT Nusret

Minelayer original of Nusrat was built in 1912 in Kiel, Germany, in 1913, joined the Ottoman fleet. Ships, Canakkale Naval Wars, 7-8 March 1915, 26 mines Dark Harbour shed parallel to the coast, 18 March 1915 Naval Victory played a major role in winning. Intermittently until 1955 resignation after serving Turkish navy ship was sold in 1962, non-Corps in 1990, sank in the port of Mersin.

Istanbul Naval Shipyard in 1982, which was built Nusrat Taşkızak Minelayer 1/1 measuring model, Grassy Park, specially built platform presented. The entrance to the ship's plans and photographs, Nusret narrate, Canakkale Naval War of the historical process of the lower deck, and digital presentation boards were channeled to the visitors. The ship is also the original objects of the period, the Group Commander of the Dardanelles Mine Moslem's Nazmi Bey, the Ottoman and the Latin letters published papers on the Dardanelles campaign were presented. This is an old model ship lifted, 18 March 2011, the project was put into service and the hero ship TCG Nusret's history with respect to the waters began to serve.

Nusret in Kadikoy on display" comments for.


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