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  • 13 Eylül 2014, Cumartesi 11:46

Nutrition in School Age Children

Nutrition in School Age Children
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Medicalpark of Trabzon from Hospital Nutrition and Diet Expert Abdusselam , school-age children by making warnings about nutrition in school-age diet is very important , he said.

Trabzon news: Medicalpark of Trabzon from Hospital Nutrition and Diet Expert Abdusselam , school-age children by making warnings about nutrition in school-age diet is very important , he said.
school age children in a continuous growth and development in the process , indicating that the Abdusselam , \"In this period, parents of children in schools how to be fed , their nutrients for growth, development and level of education for the development would be sufficient concern started rolling . Nutrition; human growth development of healthy and productive long-term survival is necessary for nutrients in sufficient quantities to take in the body is to use . each person's diet is unique . because each individual needs , age, length , sex, his physical activity and profession varies. especially school-age children eating more more important are the reasons for this are as follows:Schoolchildren continuous growth and development are in the process . during this period, to take preventive measures throughout their lives may be effective benefits will be . schools , children's homes after their gregariousness they begin the first place . children in this period of learning by itself ; races and challenges and are prepared to live in an environment . Coexistence of the children in groups of accidents , and the rapid spread of infectious diseases increase the risk increases. School is of great importance in the era of preventive measures . During this period, the provision of adequate and balanced nutrition for children and children's growth and development is not complete , protection from infectious diseases can be achieved by increasing the body resistance . School age ; quick learning , knowledge and skills and is not affected period . Nutrition-related positive behavior is acquired and ever more memorable is a period , \"he said .
\"school children in the growth and development a healthy way to be , and possible future diseases to prevent food diversity need to pay attention , \"he Abdusselam \"meat, cheese, vegetables, fruit, ekmek-cereal, süt-yogurt all of their daily diet do not need to . Because each group are essential nutrients for the body . The first group; meat, poultry, fish, cheese can set . This group is rich in protein and vitamin B12 constitute the basic building blocks for growth and development . 2 servings of cheese from the group , up to 3 servings of meat should be eaten from the group . Fish should be consumed at least 1 time per week do in terms of omega fatty acid intake . Whiting, hake , mullet, sea bass , bluefish, mullet , like a shield to focus on bottom-dwelling fish is there are benefits in terms of heavy metal accumulation . The second group of milk , yogurt. In this group is rich in protein as well as calcium which is required for bone and tooth development in the main source. Bone in children a better childhood tooth structure up to 2 cups per day from this group should tükettiril . Group 3 ; bread, cereal. This group , which is the main energy provider, which is necessary for carbohydrate and energy cycle is the main source of B group vitamins . More physical activity in school-age children , growth and development because it is faster to consume adequate amounts of these groups . Up to 10-12 servings should be consumed daily . 4 groups of vegetables, fruit. This group of vitamins, minerals and fiber in our daily diet store. Healthy growth and development , which consists of organs and structures can continue to function in a healthy way , enzymes, and hormones work in a proper way and bowel pattern in the daily diet must have . Vegetable group daily 2 servings of fruit from the daily 4-5 servings so surely should be consumed , \"he said .
Food Groups ALL DAY DIET you keep the us how we are consumed as important
school age children meet the energy needs for nutrition , regular and continuous should be pointed out that Abdusselam , said:
\"food group all of the daily diet professionals to keep up how it is consumed as important , school-age children meet the energy needs for nutrition , regular and continuous should be. Breakfast must be done , the need for energy and nutrients that occur at night with breakfast we meet the body will begin to consume itself to growth and development , we have disrupted its success in school . In addition, after a long hunger energy and nutrients required by the body for natural foods are not met blood sugar begins to fall , it contains simple sugars children chocolate, biscuits and so on. causes food to turn to . Daily physical activity, as a result of changes in the organism functions and meet the requirements for the lunch and dinner must be consumed on a regular and necessary . Although the consumption of energy demand is high due to low demand and capacity of school children in the daily diet consists of fruit and milk-yogurt group with an intermediate meals will have to support the benefits . \"

Nutrition in School Age Children" comments for.


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