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  • 22 Kasım 2012, Perşembe 13:34

Obama is not forgiveness turkeys, the hotel can accommodate them

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U.S. President Barack Obama that has become a traditional Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving) before the pardoned turkeys to him as a gift.

from U.S. President Barack Obama has become a traditional Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving) before the pardoned turkeys to him as a gift. Obama in the White House Thanksgiving turkey brought to forgiveness, as well taking advantage of the two remaining founder of the United States George Washington's farm spending their whole lives. This night will be hosted in the capital city of Washington's most famous hotels, the W hotelinde with the Cobbler Gobbler, George Wahington'un from the day Friday brought to the farm in Mount Vernon, Virginia.

Today, millions of Americans who will be defeated in the main menu dinner table turkeys, Thanksgiving Day is a sine qua non. President Obama and the White House yesterday to be given to him because of Thanksgiving and Gobbler Cobbler's brought to the lives of two turkeys donated explained. In the White House Rose Garden (Rose Garden) smiles from Obama, Thanksgiving Day, the spiritual mood reminded that forgiveness and prayer. Obama,"She always said it should be a second chance. Virtue of this spirit of November, I can not ignore it. Spiritual atmosphere of this period, in accordance with the Gobbler Cobbler names'm giving the turkeys."he said.

presidents in the United States each year, which started as an informal Thanksgiving turkeys to spare its life, the whole family came together for the Americans to thank God means that God-given blessings."Tomorrow belongs to us along with a few precious friend to celebrate the festival. Loved ones a very good chance to spend time with and on behalf of all the blessings given, lütfa, but also a nice way of praying."Obama said, Sandy wanted to be forgotten in a super hurricane adversely affected.

selection of turkeys arrived at the White House i

President Obama as a gift Gobbler Cobbler turkeys and 18 pounds each, and 19 months old. Obama in the White House's facebook page for the first time this year, the turkeys will be elected by the people.

President Abraham Lincoln's life, starting with turkey tradition of forgiveness, love of animals caused by the fact that presidents. Christmas at the White House as a gift to be cut in 1863, Lincoln's son loves turkey and donated by the founder of this animal life from the United States. Turkeys granting of official forgiveness of their lives by the presidents of the father in 1989, George H. Bush started with.

Thanksgiving turkey which is indispensable so valuable that the United States on behalf of these animals have established the federation. American Turkey Federation, 46 million turkeys at Thanksgiving celebrated last year gave the information consumed by Americans. Today, Americans were including turkey feast of less than last year will need to pay a little bit more.

Obama is not forgiveness turkeys, the hotel can accommodate them" comments for.


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