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  • 10 Eylül 2014, Çarşamba 14:27

Obesity in Children and Adolescents alarm

Obesity in Children and Adolescents alarm
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Public Health Week was established under the stand of obesity in Manisa .

Manisa news: Public Health Week was established under the stand of obesity in Manisa . Magnolia Square at the stand of experts established by the citizens of weight , height was measured and the citizens were informed about obesity .
made ​​a statement about obesity in the stands established Provincial Public Health Director Dr. Zia Thai, \"Since 2001, the Ministry of Health under the leadership of celebrated being Public Health Week, this year's theme'Let's Eat Healthy , let's move , Peaceful Let's Live', respectively. Cardiovascular diseases , cancers, diabetes and chronic respiratory diseases , especially non-communicable diseases, for human health leading threat one . these four diseases the world's biggest killers, and each year an estimated 35 million deaths are caused ( all global deaths , 60 percent ) . Noncommunicable diseases are preventable . heart disease , stroke , type 2 diabetes 80 percent and cancer-third of the more than one , tobacco use, unhealthy diet, physical inactivity and alcohol use , such as behavioral risk factors by eliminating avoidable , \"he said .
of immobility in the world, causing deaths as risk factors for fourth place in the note that attracts Dr. Zia Thai, \"Feeding the feeling of hunger , to feed the stomach or can anything that he eat not drink . Nutrition , health, protect, develop and improve quality of life to the body that need the nutrients in adequate quantities and at appropriate times to get conscious needs to be done is a behavior . Human life for nearly 50 nutrients to the requirements are . man's healthy growth and development , healthy and productive long-term survival of these items from each day how much should be granted is determined . these items either not been received , too much or too little when taken growth and development is prevented, health deteriorates. Inactivity obesity of the leading causes is one . energy expenditure key determinant and therefore energy balance and weight control, of great importance to have . global dimension, an important public health problem , obesity all over the world every day is increasing . obesity trend is particularly alarming in children and adolescents . Annual increase in childhood obesity is growing . Nutrition and Health Survey conducted by the Ministry of Turkey according to 58.4 percent of children in the 6-11 age group are exercising regularly . In this age group the TV , computer, internet, homework and study the average time spent immobile for 6 hours. 6-18 age group, 8.2 percent of people are obese/overweight , 14.3 per cent were found to be overweight . Prevention of childhood obesity in adulthood obesity , chronic diseases at an early age , premature death and disability in adulthood means to avoid the risk . Also gained in childhood which behaviors in adulthood and old age also affect , \"he said .
Dr. Ziya Tay, continued his speech was:
\"Regular physical activity physical health , our mental and social health , our future our health positive effects on has . Protecting and improving the health effects of physical activity can be seen together with the planned daily activities , made ​​possible by repeated and regular physical activity . Reduction of non-communicable diseases and depression , bone health , muscle strength in adults for the development of at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity each day is required to . Obesity and reduce the incidence of chronic diseases , healthy and peaceful enough to live should be considered and balanced diet , regular physical activity should be done. \"

Obesity in Children and Adolescents alarm" comments for.


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